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Spring Bag

I couldn’t sleep again last night. So as I laid in bed I planned out a bag to make with the fabric and notions I bought at the thrift store earlier this week. I got all the pieces cut out before dropping GB1 off at preschool. The body of the bag, the lining, the two interior pockets, the one exterior pocket, and the long strap (so I can sling over my left shoulder and the bag will rest on my right hip).


Here’s a picture of what I saw while I sewed. I took this through the arm of my machine. It’s GB2 coloring. (Yes, I know he still has his pacifier. I tried but it’s been a hard struggle for me to get him off the pacifier. We did so-so till his little cousin on the M side of the family came to visit. His little cousin has a pacifier so GB2 would try to sneak it if his cousin didn’t have it in his mouth.)


And here is the finished bag. I tried to cut things out so the big flowers were prominent. It was pretty easy except for the snap. I put a snap on the inside so I can keep it shut. I reinforced the area with some duck cloth and then I totally messed up the snaps. Those suckers are hard to dismantle and pull out. But I did it. I still need to sew in a small snap on one of the interior pockets. But basically I would say that this is done!




Non-sewing news: I just had to include some of GB2’s new words. He is learning more and more new words and it is so cute to hear his high pitched little voice. His words are: jelly bean, money, movie, dog, and fish. It’s so darn cute!

Sing, Sing a Song

I have many weirdities. Singing is one of them. I just had to write about it today. Probably because I went to the store with my kids today and I was singing along with easy listening mumbo jumbo playing over the PA system. And then GB1 tells me “Stop singing Mom!” That’s a phrase I hear quite often from him. Makes me wonder if it is the singing or the voice that he really objects to. Hmmm… I seem to be constantly singing or listening to music (I don’t like the quiet… I need background noise).

I just love music. I play the piano. In Jr. High I played the clarinet. And I’m always singing. I’m not a fabulous singer. Never claimed to be. I just sing to my kids and husband mostly. And sing with the radio. But I don’t sing in the shower—somehow I’m really self conscious about singing in the shower. Maybe it’s just singing naked?

I’d like to blame my constant singing on my family. (That’s blame in a good way.) In my memories my parents were always singing. My dad would bust out some old barbershop song. It’s pretty funny how he can start singing a song that fits the situation. And I do the same thing!

Maybe that’s why it bugs GB1 so much. He says something and I start singing him some silly song. But what really bugs him is if I sing along with the TV or movies. I just LOVE singing along with the Disney animated musicals. And then it starts.

“Mom! Stop singing!”

“Stop it!”


It’s terrible, but the more he complains, the more and louder I sing. Why do I torment him so?

Maybe my motto should be “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear just sing, sing a song” (by Joe Raposo).

Thrifty Goodness

After dropping GB1 off at preschool GB2 and I ran some errands. Post Office, Grocery Store, thrift store. I can’t take GB1 to the thrift store because he is super sensitive to scents and he always says “What’s that smells?” So I went when I just had GB2 with me.

And just look at my find! The fabric is so me. This little bundle of fabric was two yards, but it’s only 22” wide. I also got the seam and bias tapes. All for $2.10. I figure I can make a sweet springy bag and use the tapes for accents or something. If there were more fabric I’d be tempted to make me a skirt because I would totally wear this.


Just stuff

Two of my sisters recently got new sewing machines. So jealous! Nann bought hers over the weekend and Tracy got hers maybe a month ago. But I’m totally excited for them. WAHOO! Get sewing!

Then my sister Carrie got some Moda and Michael Miller to sell in her store, Ideal Mattress & Furniture in Provo, Utah. Sweet! They just got it in and she’s going to kit some of it up. So if you are in the Provo area, go and get some. If any one in our family can pull off opening a quilt/fabric shop it is Carrie. You should see the quilts she makes. She’s got talent!

Look at this messy face. This is my Goofball #2. He was having cheese and crackers as part of his lunch. So sweet. (He’s cursed with my family’s gappy teeth. I can see braces in the future for my boys.)


WIP – Table Runner

YAY! I finally put together the top of the table runner I’ve been working on. It came in a kit that my sister Tracy gave me almost a year ago. The kit was put together very strangely. It claimed to have everything needed but batting. However, there wasn’t any embroidery floss, there wasn’t enough sandcastle fabric included for the embroidery, and the rest of the fabric was in weird shapes and amounts. If I would have done all the embroidery pieces there wouldn’t have been enough fabric to put it together. See… strange.



Now I don’t know what to do with it. I think it’s too small and not fab enough to send to my sister Carrie to have her quilt it up on her machine. So what should I do? Not sure. I’m going to have to think on it.

I had to throw in this picture of GB1. We bought new Avatar band aides today (Avatar is a pretty cool cartoon on Nick). He had to have one so he put it on his forehead. Both Joe and I told him it looked silly and that he should take it off. So here he was trying to rip off the band aide. Silly boy! (Side note: His hair is beyond fuzzy here. We buzzed it before bed tonight so it looks 100% better.)


Thanks to everyone who checks in. I checked my stats today. Yesterday I had huge traffic on my site – 67 people! (That’s huge to me. Veterans at this sort of stuff will probably snicker at my joy since they may have hundreds of hits in a day.)

Homemade Mexican Goodness!

I’m getting really good at making tamales! (Yup, bragging just a bit.) My husband says that they are better than his mom’s. So I just had to take a picture of our dinner tonight. (Joe laughed at me. Sheesh!!)


Chicken and Green Salsa Tamales (the green salsa is on the inside with the chicken) and red rice and homemade salsa.

Breaking Down

GB1 has weird skin. When he was around 2-years-old Joe took him to a dermatologist in
Utah who told us he has eczema. Then a few months back his pediatrician in Bend said he has a form of dandruff that can be around his eyes, nose and mouth as well as in his hair. I’m confused on what it is. As soon as the new super-duper insurance kicks in he’s going to our new family doctor to see what she has to say. This background is leading up to this…

GB1 had a big break out on his 4-year-old face. I said: “Oh man! Your face has broken out.” Turning to his brother GB1 says: “GB2, my face is breaking down.”

Love this kid!