Welcome to Hollywood, Baby!

I’m a reality TV addict. I love most of them… The Amazing Race (absolute most fave – the all stars start next Sunday J), Project Runway, Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance (2nd most fave), American Idol… So last night I’m sitting at the table with GB1. He tells me that he loves to sing and he is going to be on American Idol and go to Hollywood. What have I done to my son? I am glad that he likes to sing. I’d rather he grow up singing than think that he can’t. He just cracks me up with some of his singing. Like when he sings the ABCs and he gets to the end. When he sings “Next time won’t you sing with me” he does the big finish which involves changing keys and going up octaves (he has learned this from watching Idol with me). I will say, though, that I think he is much better than a lot of the people that audition. And that’s not prejudiced mom talk either.


GB2 is still sick. Until this point in his life we’ve never had issues with him taking medicine. This morning I had to fight with him to take his antibiotics and Albuterol. He spit it out and cried and carried on. No fun. And now GB1 has developed a cough. If he’s still coughing tomorrow morning I can’t send him to preschool and he’ll miss his Valentines party. I feel bad but I’m sure other parents would appreciate it if we didn’t get their kids sick.


Even with the kids sick I had to take them to the pet store to buy food for the damn hamsters. I don’t like cussing but when it comes to the hamsters I just have to call them the damn hamsters. Here’s the story:


Before we bought this house my husband told GB1 that when we buy a house he can have a dog. I’m not a dog person and GB2 is a bit frightened of them. So instead we decide to buy hamsters. We bought two – probably because we had just watched the movie Washed Away and they felt bad for Rody for being a single lonely pet. The lady at the pet store said that they were two female hamsters. GB1 named them Obi Wan and Princess Leia. (He got his love of Star Wars from me. My theory is that since I watched two Star Wars movies while in labor at the hospital – pre c-section – he grew to love it in the womb.) He was spot on in naming them because they ended up being a male and a female. We had them home for a day or two and they started humping. Did you know the gestation period of a hamster is only 18 days? And did you know that they can get pregnant on the same day they deliver? AND they will eat their young? The first litter was three but only one survived – Anakin. The second litter was also three but the runt did not survive – two survivors not yet named. Obi Won doesn’t live with us any more so hopefully the four we have now will be the only damn hamsters that we have.


Does anyone else do this??? When I’m feeling down I go to the store and browse. I don’t necessarily buy, especially now that we are a single income family. On the way home from the pet store I almost stopped at the local quilt shop (it’s small but it suffices). If the GBs weren’t sick I probably would have. Before we moved to Central Oregon we lived in Utah. I wasn’t into quilting then so I would do my feel-better-browsing at the Super Target. I miss those days. But the quilt shop does the same. I just feel like a loser when I walk out of the small quilt shop without making a purchase. I never had those feelings walking empty handed out of Target.


1 Response to “Welcome to Hollywood, Baby!”

  1. 1 Wende February 14, 2007 at 10:35 am

    Oh, I so do this. But, when I’m really down, I go thrifting. I can usually find something for less than a dollar and I feel better leaving, than browsing around stores when I shouldn’t be spending money. 😀 Both our thrift stores in town support charity work, so it feels good to give up that little bit, too! 😀

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