Bloggy Love

I have issues with insomnia. Lately when I’m in bed, awake, and everyone else is snoozing away I think about blogs. What I’ve read on other blogs, what I want to write on my blog. I’m addicted to the Bloggy Love Drug (a term from another fave blogger, Monica, at Happy Zombie). I’ll admit it, I’m almost always thinking about it. Does it wear off after a while or does it keep on going?

Keep that in mind…

After I started my blog I told my husband about it. I said something like, “Joe, you know how you wanted to have an online fishing journal? Well, you can create a blog and do it there. And you can talk about soccer too.” He seemed excited so we set up his blog.



He says he doesn’t know what to write. I tell him to write anything he wants. It’s so easy! I’m just itching to post for him. I set it up so I have his username and password and I’m just dying to start it for him! I’ve added myself to his blogroll, couldn’t resist. I just don’t understand it! Maybe after he does his first few posts he’ll become addicted to the Bloggy Love Drug.

I need some help/advice!!! 


Look at my picture. The lighting is bad in the bathroom – I had all the lights on and the flash on too. (After I put it on my computer and modified the size I thought it looked like a sad face K.)


I have weirdities. One of which is I don’t share towels and I don’t like anyone else to share towels. It’s really up there on the EW GROSS scale. Joe has no concept of this. So I learned very early in our marriage that he always has the spot on the towel bar closest to the shower.


In order to help keep my EW GROSS down I decided to paint the GBs names above the towel bar in their bathroom so their towels won’t get mixed up. I printed their names on the computer using a cutsie font. Then I made a template with clear plastic-y stuff. Sprayed them well with spray adhesive, put them on the wall and painted. Although the spray adhesive worked fabulously well on my thumb, it didn’t work as well as I wanted on my template. The color bled. So I thought I would clean it up by painting around it.


My dear Joe told me that I’m creative. I appreciate him saying that instead of something like “What the junk did you do?”


So how do I fix this mess? You might suggest just painting over it with the wall paint. It’s a lovely pale green that the previous owners of our house picked out. We left it because it looks good with the shower curtain and accessories I bought for the boy bath. But we don’t have any idea what exact color it is. Plus it’s like an eggshell finish and I’m more of a semi-gloss kinda gal.


My only idea so far is to tape off the area and paint about 10 coats of my favorite white-ish color, Swiss Coffee, over it. Then buy some pre-cut wood letters to spell out their names.


Any ideas? Please help!! I’m in desperate need.


GB2 Update…Still sick. Last night was good yet bad. He slept for almost two hours alone in his own bed. YAY! But he was so hot! He doesn’t like his Tylenol or antibiotic. Around 4:30 I had him at the kitchen table trying to force the Tylenol down him. It woke Joe up. He tried to help but I think he was too tired to function. So I’m doing stuff, like laundry and blogging, while he is not feverish and happy. Then he gets hot and cranky and thinks that I have to hold him and do nothing else. I can’t wait until he is better!!!!


And thanks to my sister Dena and my niece Sandy for reading my blog. I appreciate your supportive e-mails back. Please feel free to comment on my blog so it looks like I have more viewers!! J My love to you and your families. I’ll be thinking of Little Miss R this weekend.


3 Responses to “Bloggy Love”

  1. 1 Nanno February 15, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Tape it off to a shape you like. Paint it a color you want. Even put a border strip of contrast paint around it. I get with Joanna J. and have her custom cut some vinyl letters in the color and font you like and you can apply right to the wall! Not as clunky as the wood, easier to apply, and easier to take down when you need a change. I am ordering some letters from her for Mom’s b-day anyway.

    Yet another reason to have many smart and creative sisters! I would love some vinyl letters. Does Joanna have cool fonts (say “hi” for me, too)? Joe’s sister brought “May the force be with you” for GB1’s room and it’s awsome. I’ll have to post it.

  2. 2 Nanno February 15, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    She has Stock Colors:
    Black, dark grey, silver gray, white, brown, beige, dark red, dark blue, ice blue, lilac, soft pink, hot pink (the boys fave for sure!), pastel orage (pretty bright to me) and Brimstone yellow.

    The selection of fonts includes (Are you ready for this one…):
    Papyrus, amaze, monotype corsive, tall paul, curlz, fiolex girls (with hearts), fun stuff, 3 hour tour, dandy, fable, invitaion, kimono, legacy, fraternity, gutenberg, heritage, hopscotch, inky, limerick, serendipity, tea party, murry hill, artisan, carbon copy, chick, constitution, curly cursive, daydream, elegant, fairy tale, flourish, fortune, nostalgia, renaissance, wanted, wired, whirl, and last – edwardian script.

    Joanna can do nearly any size. She is doing a Mustang (the car) thing for me right now. I’ll try to scan and send her list to you. Joanna did the lettering for our Super Saturday tiles – like Jenny made for you.

    I am so sad to hear that GB2 is still sick. It makes me so sad. At least he is not quite throwing up at the sight of the bottle. I had little soccer boy for about an hour today until his daddy came to watch a recorded soccer match. It was a blast.

    I like the idea of orange and yellow just because the bathroom is jungle/safari. That’s a lot of fonts. Maybe something fun. I’m jealous you had little soccer boy. 🙂

  3. 3 Dena February 16, 2007 at 8:39 am

    I’m jealous that she had little soccer boy too. I wish I had ideas for your bathroom but I haven’t even thought about paint in my house. It is all flat paint, yuck! I was visiting a lady the other day who had painted a deep red accent wall in her kitchen with the other walls being a light cocoa (?). I thought of your house in Orem. She did a real good job of transitioning colors on rounded curves. That’s one reason I haven’t decided what to paint. I love the idea of accent walls but with rounded corners it is not easy. She had some good ideas to make an even sharper corner.
    DO IT! When I transitioned on a rounded corner I just ran a straight line of painters tape at the center of the curve. I will never paint a red wall again because it was a pain (I learned my lesson about tinted primer). Plus we had to paint over it before we sold the house. I want to do an accent wall where my piano and family pictures are.

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