Self Portrait

Friday I was sitting down for lunch and looked at what I had around me on the table and thought it was kind of a mini self portrait.



Firstly, I had gone out to the garage looking for the box of CDs because I was in the mood for some Dido and Everclear. I ended up pulling out a few others including ABBA Gold and all my Spice Girls. (Are you scared yet?)

I had a Coke and my Sudoku puzzles, too. Then I thought, as long as I’m sitting down I might as well figure out how to put this table runner together so I had my stitching and fabrics out.

I arranged it all and took a picture. I should have left the GBs lightsaber on the table to get that aspect of my life in the picture as well.

Yesterday was a BIG grocery shopping day. We went in to Redmond to Safeway because I wanted more variety than my little local stores. The fridge and the pantry were pretty bare. 2 shopping carts and $272.90 later we were done. YIKES! That’s the most I’ve ever spent in one go at the grocery store. I won’t have to go to the store for a while – except to buy some more milk for my GBs.

Yesterday was also such a beautiful, warm-ish day. We had the windows and doors open (it’s always nice to air things out, don’tcha think?). I was sitting at the computer and heard a noise like running water hitting dirt. I turned around and looked out the sliding doors to the deck and there was GB1, pants and unders down around the knees, peeing off the back of the deck. I was busting up! This is the kid that has modesty issues when others are around but doesn’t mind dropping his drawers outdoors to pee. When we lived in Bend the back of our apartment was along Neff, which is pretty busy especially since we were near the hospital. He would always be out there peeing in full view of all the passing cars. This is yet another reason why my boys have earned the Goofball title.

GB2 update: We had a much better night – that means that GB2 only woke up twice. Tonight I’m going to try to get him to sleep in his bed, alone. I think he’s finally kicking this nasty virus in the butt. His nose has stopped running so we are going to try taking him to church. We’ll see how it goes.


2 Responses to “Self Portrait”

  1. 1 Paula February 19, 2007 at 8:52 am

    I tried to leave a comment and it didn’t work, so if this shows up twice…
    Anyway, I have ABBA Gold too, so not scared at all!
    My youngest, who is 14 now, used to pee in our backyard all the time. Fortunately we had a really big yard and the neighbors couldn’t see in. I think we’ve finally broke him of that habit!
    Thanks for commenting on my site. Come back to visit anytime!
    Good to know that with time he’ll stop watering nature naturally. 😀 Maybe because I’m female I just don’t get the male urge to do this.
    I enjoy your site. I’ll be back!!

  2. 2 Dena February 19, 2007 at 9:18 am

    I love that GB1 pees outside. This is the boy that would go into another room to poop when he was wearing a diaper. It kinda reminds me of my boy. When he was 3 or 4 he walked out of a store on State Street in Orem (very busy street) and peed facing the street. This was in full view of the camera taking pictures of everyone entering the store. The camera played on every TV in the store so everyone got to see him in all of his glory. He hates when I repeat that story but I can’t resist.
    So what’s worse for him, this story or Smokey the Bear? LOL 😀

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