This weather is just crazy! Last weekend we were in the 60s and today we woke up to snow! Lots of snow. It was pretty thick this morning but now it is mostly melted.



Looking off the deck this morning…



Looking off the deck this afternoon.


I had to drive in to Bend to pick up Joe and I was driving like an idiot! You wouldn’t think that I learned to drive in the snow out of necessity. (Mom avoided driving at all costs, so once you had a license you had to run to the grocery store, pick up Dad, etc. Plus I drove myself to school.) Utah snow is much more and lasts much longer than Central Oregon snow. So I’ve lost my touch. I was slowing down to make a turn and slid right on by. AHHH!!! Then I had to go up a hill. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive. (I know! I was super wimpy today!) Once I picked up Joe I made him drive.

Despite the snow it is a much better day. Joe is in a super happy mood and it sure helps me be in a good mood. Today was Joe’s last day with Summit Plumbing. He’s going union – super duper benefits, I can’t wait! Monday he starts working for Avalon Plumbing. He’s so excited. And we get a three-day weekend. YAY! But no big plans other than relaxing and maybe the movies tomorrow, if the boys are good. Maybe if I’m a good girl I can pull out my sewing machine too. Tee hee!

Now, if only the Mexican bread guy shows up… Tasty. And if they don’t kill of Meredith on Grey’s tonight it’ll be an even better day.

I just re-read what I’ve written. Wow, I’m really into exclamation points today. Big difference from yesterday.

Have a good weekend!


2 Responses to “Snow”

  1. 1 Elyssa February 23, 2007 at 9:59 am

    I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy too! I can’t miss an episode. Unfortunately it’s on when I go to school, but it’s a good thing you can watch the whole episode online. Anyway, these past three weeks, I’ve been dying to know what happens next. I knew her mom was going to die, it’s kind of about time too because she was a crotchety old woman, a lot like my grandma. Anyway, glad Meredith is AOk! I’d live to be with McDreamy too if I ever got the chance!
    I’m glad you’re a Grey’s fan too! McDreamy, McSteamy, McYAY for Grey’s! 🙂

  2. 2 Nanno February 23, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Love my DVR!! Then I can watch the whole thing skipping over the silly commercials. Deal or No Deal is down to 30 minutes or less when I don’t watch all the silly family/Friend play along.

    We had about an inch of the white stuff this morning when I left to exercise and about two when I got home. Not too bad as the roads stayed clean in the valley.

    Dad called for a weather report as they don’t have TV where they are camping. Sounds like they will come home on Wednesday after the little storms on Sunday and Tuesday.
    Too funny that Dad called for the weather. But really not that surprising? Was it a short conversation or did he say “Here, talk to your mother.”? 😀 (He always does that for me except when I called him on his b-day)

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