I’ve decided to organize my sewing tote. Yes, I have so little fabric that it resides in a tote.  I’m cleaning out and organizing so things will be easier to get. And, hopefully, I’ll be able to increase my stash. I’ve got fat quarters and tons and tons of odds and ends.


The odds and ends are being cut into 4” squares or 2 ½”, 2”, or 1 ½” strips. At the far end of my table is a collection of fabrics for three quilts. I’m only good at the yellow brick road pattern, so far, and I don’t want to do them all in the same pattern. But as I was cleaning out I found two patterns that I had forgotten I had. So maybe… We’ll see what I decide to start after getting it all cleaned up.


My whole day hasn’t been spent sitting at the table. I took the boys to the library for story time. The Story Lady at our library is awesome. She really gets into the books and gets the kids involved. And it’s nice for me so I can sit and browse through magazines while the kids are listening. Then there is always some coloring picture for them to do. It’s a good hour diversion for our boring Thursdays. GB1 found a picture book that is all about Star Wars, so he had to come home and watch a Star Wars movie while looking at the book. I love my little Star Wars Geek! (I’m a Star Wars geek too. The ringer on my phone is the Imperial March… Tee hee!!)


Yesterday my site had over 100 hits. My best day ever. WAHOO!!! Thanks for visiting. I feel loved. J


1 Response to “Organizing”

  1. 1 Nanno March 1, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    I like the way you are cutting and sorting. I have smaller totes that are sorted with fabric for baby quilts, cousin quilts, misc fat quarters, extras from completed projects, big yardage for big quilts and one for UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects!), most notably the stupid Halloween that the pattern was so STUPID that I did not finish!! So far that works.

    I love all the pictures. I would hate to give you a picture of the stacks on my desk. It is organized chaos and I usually know where everything is. I do need to clean with some new projects coming along though.

    GB2 is so cute with his coloring. Loved it and remember you can eventually lose the pacifier where you can’t cut off a thumb! The BAG was so great. Way to go!!
    I’m so on a roll! I’m folding everything so they fit in this little containers I have. Except for the few big yardages I have. It will be so nice! I just hope I can keep it up. And I found fabric for two other quilts while I was cleaning out the big tote. 🙂 One is the Moda you sent at Valentines (Thanks again!) and the other is from The Stitchin Post in Sisters. FUN!!!

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