Bring on the Texture!

I’m so into re-texturizing the walls!!! It took Joe and I about two hours to do the hall. About a half hour or so of that was deciding on the “look” we wanted. How thick, how thin, how many lines, etc. (The Goofballs watched The Little Mermaid and they let me sing along from the hall! Hee hee.)

Here is what the old icky texture looks like. It’s so bad that as we’ve been washing the walls and filling in holes to prep for paint, anywhere we fill in the hole becomes a big circle because it fills in the texture. If we left it our walls would look seriously weird because the previous owners had tons of nails in the walls.


Here is the new texture in the hall. I’m so digging it! It’s going to look so wonderful when we paint it.




We ended up using about 2/3 of the bucket of joint compound. It’s going to take quite a few more buckets. But at $10.83 for a bucket I figure it’s not that bad. But now the debate is whether or not to texturize the ceiling too. I guess we could, it’s just more work. So Joe will probably get his way and we’ll probably doing the ceilings too. I’m just so excited about it! I can’t wait to get all of it done and painted. The house will feel so much fresher! I’m tired of looking at the outlines on the wall from whatever the previous people had on the walls. I’ve scrubbed and can’t get rid of the outlines so I was dying to paint over it. Now I’m dying to texture and paint it!!


We’ll be off to McDs in a little while. It’ll be worth it just to have GB1 stop talking about it. I’m taking a magazine to read while they play in the play land. As long as GB1 doesn’t coax GB2 up the thing again we’ll be OK. I’m too old and too big to climb up there again to rescue my little one.


Speaking of GB1, he’s learning math in preschool. My kid rocks! I asked him how they did math and he said “I don’t know.” But Mrs. L said that they earned coins for getting questions right and he had four coins. He’s a budding genius or something! I hope his love of school and learning never stops.


GB2 is talking more. He has little phrases that crack me up. “More please”  “I did it” “Love you”. He thinks that he is such a big kid, but then he reverts to a little kid and wants me to hug and cuddle him. (Insert ooos and aahhs here J ) I like these little kid moments, but I’d sure like him to learn to sleep through the night like a big kid.


1 Response to “Bring on the Texture!”

  1. 1 Nanno March 7, 2007 at 10:50 am

    That is going to be so much better than the heavy orange peel. (Why people think that is prefered is beyond me!) It will be nice to have fresh walls. I had to do that here before I could hang up a quilt. And, the wall color was just barely better than baby poop mustard and I could not get the black off the walls. Still need to paint the kitchen but I think Jon and Jamie will help me.

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