Scissor Memories

Last night I finished folding all my usable pieces of fabric. They look so nice all snug in their tote (snug because it was a tight fit). I’m mighty pleased. It’s all organized by fabric size then by color. We’ll see how long it lasts, eh? I still have small odds and ends to cut into squares or strips.

While I was cutting off the weird little pieces last night I was mesmerized by the sound of my scissors cutting the fabric. It took me back to my childhood. I remember sitting in the dining room or kitchen listening to my mom’s scissors cut fabric. We had a huge counter in our kitchen and my mom would stand there and cut out fabric for whatever sewing project she was tackling. So the sound of scissors cutting fabric is a really comforting sound to me.

And thinking back to those times I wonder how my mom managed to get as much done as she did. And how did she put up with kids like me who would sneak up to her machine and pretend to sew. I’m sure I probably jacked up her machine a time or two. Sorry Mom!!!! But I’m sure that’s also where I got my sewing bug. I remember Mom patiently sitting with me teaching me to sew—my first project was a pair of blue shorts. Now I’m trying to catch her quilting bug. My mom has made some pretty amazing quilts. She had a project a few years back to make a nice one for each of her eight kids. Now I’m impatiently waiting for us to finish the hall (maybe we’ll paint this weekend!!!!) so I can hang up that amazing quilt. It’s not the only amazing one she’s made me. I got a few from her when I got married. And each of my boys have a few that she made them when they were born. I think my kids are pretty lucky so I hope to have just a smidgen of my mom’s talent so I can make things for my posterity, too.

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, that must be part of an explanation as to why I’m reminiscing about her so much today. So happy birthday tomorrow, Mom. I’ll call you! Miss you and Love you!


1 Response to “Scissor Memories”

  1. 1 Dena March 8, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    First, I love your header. It is so cute of the boys. I also have memories of the scissors snipping away, or the sewing machine going (maybe this is part of the reason the TV never seems to be loud enough), or the living room full of women quilting. I wish I had gained that sewing bug. I just get too frustrated with myself. My girls, however, did get this bug. Sandy just completed a quilt that her aunts helped her with. Tiffany has one cut out, but still needs to sew it together.

    I think your quilt will look great with that new texture and then new paint. Make sure you post a picture when you get the quilt up.
    Thanks! I like my header too! I think because the TV was always on while Mom sewed I have become addicted to TV. 🙂 I don’t remember all the ladies coming to quilt as much as I remember always playing under the quilt and watching the design form from underneath. I’m glad Tiff & Sand are getting the sewing bug! Then they can take care of their mom, eh?

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