Target Results

I love being a mom. And spoiling my two Goofballs. Our trip to Target yesterday was more about them than me. (OK, so I wanted to go to Target, but I bought stuff for the Goofballs, not me.)

I wanted to get the Goofballs sidewalk chalk. I thought it would be fun. It seems that has ended up being more for me. We were trying it out yesterday and Goofball #1 would say “draw this, draw that.” So I ended up drawing everyone in our family, including the four hamsters, and GB1’s three friends from school.



GB1 needed new summer sandals. I wanted to get him some that were nice enough to wear to church. I had him try on some sandals and then Goofball #2 was there trying to take off his shoes so he could try on some sandals. I hadn’t planned on buying sandals for both of them. But I couldn’t resist. Plus, once I got the sandals on GB2 he did not want to take them off. So GB1 didn’t want to take his off either. The result? The GBs walking to the checkstand with new sandals that had the elastic still attached (you know, the elastic holding the sandals together as a pair). Their steps were kind of small and measured. It was silly to watch. Then when our items were being scanned I had to lift the boys up so the checker could scan the tags on their sandals. She lent me a pair of scissors to cut off the tags and elastic. It was funny. And the boys were happy.

(My obsession with Target started many years ago. I blame it on my sister Nann. We didn’t have a Target where I lived but she had one by where she lived. She would always show us these totally sweet things she would buy for way cheap at Target. I was hooked. So hooked, that when Joe and I started talking about moving away from Utah my two criteria for a new home was #1 Target and #2 Costco. So every new city/town he would mention would have to pass the Target/Costco test before I would consider it. True story.) 


I knew we were going to be out for a while, and we were on a budget and couldn’t buy lunch, so I had packed a lunch for our shopping adventure. After we left Target we went to the truck to eat. If it wouldn’t have been so windy we would have sat in the bed of the truck to enjoy our picnic. Instead, all three of us piled into the front seat. I think the GBs thought it was cool to sit in the front seat and to eat our lunch. It was fun.

We also went to The Home Depot for more joint compound. I’m still excited to finish texturizing the walls. I want to get it done so I can start hanging up pictures and making it feel more home-like. We’ve lived here for over six months and haven’t really done anything in the main living area to make it “ours”. Ya know?

Speaking of the walls… Our friends Jared & April came over for dinner last night. Jared was checking out the walls we’ve done so far and asking what color we were going to paint them. I showed him the color. It’s called Swiss Coffee and it’s the color we did the ceiling/doors/trim in the GBs’ rooms. “White? You’re going to paint the walls white?” Grr… After they left Joe said that he didn’t want to paint them white either. We’ve already bought a 5-gallon bucket of the paint!!! So we’ve settled on painting the trim/doors/ceiling in the Swiss Coffee (since we already have it!) and doing the walls Country Beige. So I’m off to The Home Depot again soon. Buying more paint. Actually, I really dig this so I’m a big fan of THD and really do like going there.


1 Response to “Target Results”

  1. 1 Nanno March 14, 2007 at 8:40 am

    I still like Target, but I think they are not always as good a deal as they used to be. I can just envision the boys with their sandals on traipsing down the aisles. That is something I would have loved to see. I would have been giggling behind them all the way!

    I like your drawings and even the hamsters.
    They were cute, and so excited.

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