Gosh! It’s been one of those productive sewing days which means I’ve not been very productive elsewhere in my life.

I started out making the eye masks for my guys for the TMNT movie. We’re going on Saturday so I figured I better hurry and make them. It took some trial and error but I finally got something that seems to work. I tried to get my Goofballs and Joe to model them for a picture but it quickly turned into the three of them playing Ninja Turtles and jumping and yelling and having fun. So no picture today. Maybe I can get one on Saturday.

I also made wallets for my Goofballs. I just made simple tri-folds with Velcro out of a Superman print and tie-dye print (once again, left over PJ material). They were pretty excited. But I think one of them has already lost the dollar I put in them.


As an added bonus the UPS guy came by. I totally wasn’t expecting it. If I would have read my e-mail earlier I would have had a heads up. My sister Carrie sent me a nice surprise! Her note said that she sent me some “orphan projects” that she abandoned, some patterns she got for free from the store she used to work at, felt and patterns for puppets from my mom, and treats for my boys. AWESOME! I am still so happy. It’s enough to keep me busy for quite a while. WAHOO!!




And then there is the story of our truck… Yesterday we got in it to go to church and it wouldn’t start. My uneducated guess was that the started needed replacing. So we piled in our second car. (We hate our second car. We bought it soon after moving to Oregon and we had a small budget so it’s not a fabulous car.) My job for today was to call the auto repair shop to get it in and fixed. I did it. And arranged for them to come tow it. I had to drive around in the car to take GB1 to school. It’s sad, but I was kind of embarrassed driving it around. So the guy comes to tow the truck which was parked in the garage. The first thing he did was try to start it. And guess what. You guessed right if you guessed that the truck started. I felt like an idiot! 1- I should have tried starting it. 2- I drove around in the crap car for no reason. 3- I wasted the guy’s time. 4- Hallelujah I don’t have to pay to fix it! The guy said that it was probably bad battery connections that need to be cleaned. I’m not mechanically inclined so can I be blamed? I think not. Thanks for cleaning the battery Joe!


2 Responses to “WAHOO!”

  1. 1 Wende March 19, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Wow, it’s been a banner weekend and week start for fabric. I’m guessing you’ll be busy very soon. Have fun at the movies!
    I plan on it! I’ve got to decide what to tackle first, though. And we will have fun at the movies. But I think I’m more excited about lunch/dinner after the movies.

  2. 2 Nanno March 20, 2007 at 9:56 am

    The wallets are cute and I am sure the boys love them. Good way to use that fabric. I need to make the boys the PJ’s with the red fabric with construction vehicles on it.

    Carrie is so good to send you a surprise and it looked like you scored really well.
    I did score! I love being the youngest 😀

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