Been To The Post Office Lately?

My Goofballs and I visited the post office a few times in the past week. While there we noticed a large poster/cutout of Star Wars. Did you know the USPS is going to do a Star Wars stamp? And you can vote? And you can enter a sweepstakes? Go check it out!

Gosh, I just love Star Wars! I really want a stamp from the original trilogy, Episodes IV, V, and VI, to win. Not a stamp from the good yet not so great Episodes I, II, and III.



2 Responses to “Been To The Post Office Lately?”

  1. 1 kat April 18, 2007 at 4:56 am

    Big Star Wars fans at my house too!
    I agree, the original ones are by far, the best!
    I could go on and on about this subject! 😉 I’m glad you agree that the originals are the best. Have you ever noticed in ANH that there is a storm trooper that hits his head? It’s hilarious!

  2. 2 Sadira April 18, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    Oh, I was just there the other day and was feeling pleasantly surprised with the new stamps…I feel so very good when they do something other than flags!
    I agree! I just noticed, though, that the price listed on these stamps is 41 cents. Price increase again? And I just bought two books of stamps. DANG!

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