Oh Pooh!

Big Goofball’s preschool had a field trip to the fire station today. It was actually a combined field trip with all 4 of the preschool classes. TONS of kids everywhere. Plus an occasional little sibling, like Little Goofball.


It was really pretty cool and a good idea. They met with a firefighter who put on his whole fire uniform and along the way he would ask if he looked scary. When he was fully dressed with air tanks and all the kids understood that he was there to help people and that he wasn’t scary. Plus, he sounded like Darth Vader and all the boys thought it was AWESOME! He also talked about what to do if there was a fire. It was cool. All the kids got fire helmets and badges (stickers).



Then they let the kids go outside and shoot the fire hoses. It was a blast! (That’s Big Goofball’s “girlfriend” behind him. He claims that she wants to kiss him. Heaven help me!)


Then all the big kids followed their teachers to Castle Park. Little Goofball and I drove over so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way back, and boy, hind sight tells me that I was pretty smart to do that! Here’s Little Goofball waiting for the big kids to show up.


So the kids were playing and playing while they waited for the pizza to come. I was tagging behind Little Goofball to make sure he was OK. Then I was trying to find Big Goofball and one of the parents said they thought he was behind a tree. I go find him.


Oh Pooh!


He had pooped in his underwear and had pulled his pants down to dump the pooh on the ground!!!!!!! I was shocked. At first I didn’t know what to do. So I made him stay there and I ran to get wipes. Came back and kinda wiped his bum. Then used about a ton of wipes to pick up the offensive pooh. (Can’t leave it there, can I? If I expect dog owners to clean up after their dogs shouldn’t I clean up after my child?) It’s moments like these that I wish someone else would take care of everything. I took the boys to the truck, had Big Goofball strip off his shorts and underwear, and cleaned him up as best I could. And we left before pizza. He needed a shower to clean that rear end up!


This day just isn’t going as planned! Next up is grocery shopping. Then hopefully, cross your fingers, I can start working on my skirt.


3 Responses to “Oh Pooh!”

  1. 1 lera May 9, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    What a mess. At that point, don’t ya kind of wish for a second that he was someone else’s kid? (Mine have done similar things.)

    Besides the pooh, it sounds like the kids had a great time.
    They did have fun. And yeah, I was wishing that it wasn’t my kid pooping in the trees.

    I’m finding it funny that my email notifies my of your comment just as I’m commenting on your page. Hee hee!!

  2. 2 Wende May 9, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    Oh! I would have been mortified. However, further away from toddlerhood (as my boy is 10) I can really appreciate how resourceful he was being! He was certainly solving his own problem. All his pistons are firing (as if there was ever a doubt!) These boys are darling. Hope your husband is feeling better.
    He was being resourceful. But there were public restrooms. He’s one of those kids who just has to go when the urge comes. He’s always been like that. We try to get him to “go” before we go places and it’s kinda pointless. And I agree that my boys are darling! Joe is feeling better. Maybe a little restless. He thinks he can mow the lawn!!! What a punk!

  3. 3 kat May 10, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    I’m laughing with you… not at you! really!
    So far, my little one hasn’t done that… the only thing close was at the beach last year. Will had to pee, so I told him to walk into the ocean, up to his waist and to go. Well, he walked in, up to his knees, pulled down his trunks and then proceeded to pee. Full view of the entire beach. Very cute huh?
    Right. 😀 That’s pretty funny! I could see my boy doing just that. Boys.

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