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I Have the Best Husband in the World

So my sweet husband said, “Sure, let’s go to Utah.” So here we are visiting our families. YAY!!! We’ll be here for a week or longer. I’m so excited and having so much fun.

We didn’t tell any one we were coming so they were very excited and surprised. That kind of made it even more fun.

I’m taking lots of pictures so there will be lots to post when we get back. (Like my mom’s quilt stash!!! And fabric stores that we visit. And hopefully the new Ikea in Salt Lake. Ahh…)

More later. Hope you all have good weekends.

Running of the Bulls, P’ville Style

We’ve lived in this small little town for less than a year. Which means we are still trying to figure out all the little quirks and traditions.

This evening around 5 we headed downtown, contact check with the optometrist. We noticed all these people sitting out in lawn chairs facing the road. All down Main and 3rd, the two busiest roads in town. We thought “Oh, must be a parade tonight.” After all, it is Summer Fest this weekend.

After the eye doctor we decided to go through the drive through at the DQ. (Yes, I know, not the best food for us, especially Joe, to be eating. But we didn’t want to heat the house up even more cooking.) We’re sitting there waiting for our food when we see police cars driving down 3rd. Going along with our earlier assumption we figured the parade was starting and we were going to be stuck at the DQ watching it because there’s no way for us to get home from where we were if the parade went down the two main streets.

So we watched.

And I should have learned by now to take the camera with me everywhere I go! Maybe I’ve learned my lesson now.

Following the police cars came some cowboys and cowgirls. A herd of about 10 to 15 steer, one of which had an impressively HUGE set of horns. And a few more cowpokes. Then a cop and an ambulance. Then all the people packed up their lawn chairs and left.


I talked to a native of our town. He said that it is a huge tradition dating back about 60-ish years. The annual cattle drive to kick off the Crooked River Round-Up. Last year was the first year they didn’t do the cattle drive because people complained about it. But more people than that complained that it didn’t happen last year so it started up again this year. It’s just too funny!

Summer Hair Cuts

Why is it that I have one boy who is fine getting a haircut and the other boy screams like he is in mortal pain and danger? Last night we buzzed the boys’ hair. We think it’s better for the summer to have nice short hair on the boys.

Big Goofball was first. He did OK. Once or twice he let out a little “ow”. He did some squirming and scratching at the hair that got on him. But over all he did great!

20 June 2007-2

Little Goofball, on the other hand, acted like he was dying! Screaming and crying and wiggling. I was trying to hold on to him and hold him somewhat still while Joe buzzed his hair. At one point Little Goofball reached up and felt his hair and let out louder wails. When he was done I took him into the bathroom for a shower. As soon as he saw himself in the mirror he started wailing all over again. I kept thinking that he was being like Samson with his hair and we were killing his strength by giving him a hair cut. SHEESH!

20 June 2007-1

And today has been such a busy day. My to-do list was HUGE! (Change oil in truck, get Joe’s prescription, etc. etc. etc.) I’m down to four or five items. Phew!

Stir Crazy

We are going stir crazy. Ideally I would LOVE to go to Utah to visit with family and friends. The reality of it is that Joe still can’t drive and I don’t know that I can make the drive. And Joe probably wouldn’t be able to do the things in the truck that I usually do to take care of the boys on a long drive (he gets car sick soooo easily). And once we were in Utah I’d be content with sitting around doing nothing at my mom and dad’s. If Joe wanted to go somewhere and do anything he’d have to have me or someone else drive him.

So what do we do?

We go to the coast.

The drive to the coast is not that far, one that I can handle no problem. We’re going to stay at Cape Lookout State Park in a yurt. Two nights lodging will only cost us $66, which is less than one night in a motel. And we can cook and make sandwiches to survive on. So we’re going to do it. I made reservations for next week. YAY!

It won’t be the same as going home to see my mom and dad who I miss so very much. But it will get us out of the house with very little money spent.

I’ll leave you with pictures of the silly Goofballs playing nicely together.

19 June 2007-1

19 June 2007-3

Thanks to Irene at Mushroom Villagers for teaching me how to link Flickr and WordPress together. Ahhh… 🙂

CD Poket

No, that’s not a typo. Irene over at Mushroom Villagers created this CD Poket and tutorial. She’s kindly shared it on her web site. As soon as I saw it posted I had to try. Especially since I bugged her to make a tutorial. (Irene – did I say thank you? Well, THANK YOU!)


(I took this outside on the deck. The sun was going down. I thought I had better light than this but oh well.)

I made three of them. It didn’t take much time. The instructions were pretty clear. The hardest part was folding and ironing the hem. I have issues with folding and hemming that started long ago. If you look really closely, you can see that some hems are bigger than others. Or maybe you wouldn’t have noticed if I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Once I got the hem folded it took me less than an hour to sew all three of them. I didn’t have heavy enough interfacing to go in the middle so I was going to use cardboard. But I was trying to hurry and couldn’t think how to finish up the top after stuffiing it was cardboard. Another thing I learned is it would probably be better with a smaller scale print since you can’t see much of the print on these. But they were pretty cool fabrics.

Anyway, I don’t listen to CDs much. Joe has me hooked on Sirius Satellite. I listen to it in the truck and at home. Occasionally, when I leave the receiver in the truck, I’ll listen to CDs. But I have them stacked up on top of the fridge. So maybe I do need some CD cases. The point here, though, is that I made these for other people. They are going to three people who have helped my family out these past two months in ways that I hope to repay some day.

Ahh… The Purr of My Sewing Machine

I pulled out my sewing machine today. YAY! I originally wanted to start a new skirt. But I pulled out my stuff and realized that I hadn’t prewashed the fabric. So while it washed I did some other stuff.

I cut out two diaper cases. I’m out of hook & loop tape so I couldn’t sew them up. Then I cleaned my sewing machine. My mom suggested using canned air. WOW! It worked so awesomely. I oiled it and it purrs now.

Then I finished this UFO (UnFinished Object). I repurposed a pair of jeans into capris–or maybe they’re more the length of clam diggers. I saw this idea on a blog a few months ago and I can’t remember which blog it was. I cut off the pants, zig-zagged, then sewed on this ribbon on the hem. Ahhh….


Little Goofball B-Day Recap

I think Little Goofball had a good birthday. We didn’t have birthday festivities until after dinner. Which was just killing Big Goofball. Here is Little Goofball with some Transformers (non-pose able). He was holding them away from his brother in a very possessive stance.


Big Goofball just had to help open this one. It was a Nightwatcher Rafael from the TMNT movie, motorcycle included.


Here is the aftermath.


And Birthday cake (and toys). A far cry from the Star Wars cake I was told he wanted just hours before. Oh well. Cake is cake, right? I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with this on Big Goofball’s birthday.