I’m Honored

I noticed a few days ago that I’m listed on Monica’s links over on Happy Zombie. And then today I noticed that I’m listed on Paula’s links on On A Rainy Night. I’m so honored! When I want to find new blogs to check out I usually go to one of my favorites and check out who they have listed on their links (like I really need to look at more, hee hee, but that’s why I love Bloglines). So I’m way honored! Thanks ladies!

The weather has really chilled out here the last few days. We are all wearing long pants today. And I put a cardigan on. I may even have to put socks on to keep my little piggies warm! But anyway, perfect weather to pull out the sewing machine but I haven’t gotten that far today.

My Little Goofball will be having a birthday next week. Any suggestions on what to get a 2-y-o boy? I’ve ordered him some new flip flops, but other than that I’m kinda stumped.


1 Response to “I’m Honored”

  1. 1 Sadira June 7, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    Oh…it’s wonderful to be listed on people’s side-bars…A huge honor (one of which I must thank you for, as I notice I am listed on yours!) A 2-year-old? Oh, that’s a hard one, I just got my friends little girl a shopping cart and groceries…but, I’m not sure for a boy. Perhaps some fun wooden toys? hmmmm…
    It’s only cuz I like you that you’re on my links!! 🙂 Wooden toys? I see little boys throwing them. They are crazy! But thanks for the suggestion!

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