This post is all about my church experience today so if you don’t want to read it you can move on now.

Church was so UGH today! The day started with the Primary Chorister calling me saying we’ll be learning a new song today (I’m the Primary Pianist). It’s a song I’ve never heard before and it is for the Primary children to sing next week for Father’s Day. I found it on the church web site but I can’t get a good copy to print out. If I print it normal, it’s small and I’ve basically got my nose touching the paper to read the notes. If I print it bigger the staff lines disappear and things get all blurry. I’m having no luck and I’ve got to get good enough at it to not embarrass myself next Sunday. (Since more likely than not you won’t hear any kids singing because they don’t know the song!!!) I’ve got to figure something out. Maybe I’ll have to breakdown and buy Noteworthy Composer since my free trial is over. It’s still working so I don’t have to buy it. YAY!!

So then we are off to church. As we are getting in the truck Joe is saying to the boys that we would like them to be good today and listen and be reverent, etc. Let’s just say we came back home before we got a half hour into church. They were loud and fighting and I’d had it! And the whole congregation got to hear Big Goofball crying “I don’t want to go home and sit on my bed!” What was more embarrassing: Goofball crying loudly over powering the Dry High Councilman or the big blue streak on my neck from Little Goofball accidentally getting me with his blue marker? Plus my Visiting Teacher follows us out and stops to talk to me. The doors to the chapel were open so while she detained me Big Goofball is standing there still crying (this time about wanting to go to Primary) and the congregation can still hear him.

We got the boys home and on their beds. Lots of crying from both of them. I had to go back to church for Primary and Little Goofball came with me. It just wasn’t an enjoyable day at church. It’s just so hard to take the kids and expect them to be super good and then try to enjoy church. Makes me want to go inactive. I keep wondering how long until I don’t dread going to church because my kids just want to be kids and not sit motionless and silent? I don’t expect them to be like that but really, it would be nice if they would be less loud and more reverent.


2 Responses to “Ugh!”

  1. 1 lera June 10, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    So sorry you had a bad church day.
    We all have days like that, unfortunately. No matter how much I persuade (bribe, threaten) my children to be reverent in church, it’s just hard for them. I felt like running and screaming out of church today, too.
    My hubby is still out of town, so I had all six … alone. My father sat with us because my mother was speaking (she’s a Seminary teacher and the students just graduated last week). When Sacrament was over, I looked at my father and said (about my boys), “that was wild and hairy” and my mother told me later that he said it was “memorable,” which I don’t think was good.
    I won’t bore you with how *after* church was, when I tried to get them to change clothes before heading to a family get-together. Let’s just say running through the halls at full speed and other obnoxious things.
    (sorry this comment it so long 🙂
    Hang in there. It doesn’t get better. LOL
    Oh great! “It doesn’t get better” is just not a good omen! 🙂 Sounds like our Sundays are pretty similar! Well, I’m sure it would be a little better with your hubby there.
    When I play the organ in Sac. Mtg. Joe and the boys don’t come until Primary/Priesthood. The first time I did it was BAD. (Bad because they were following me up to the stand, not bad because of my playing LOL)
    And I don’t mind long comments! I know that you feel my pain and know exactly what it’s like!! 🙂

  2. 2 Nanno June 11, 2007 at 8:05 am

    I remember Dad taking Karl out while he cried “Don’t spank me.” Dad took him outside the building and gave him a mild swat to turn and see the outside door to the chapple wide open and people staring. (Spankings were NORMAL when we were kids – no one did time out.)
    Other parents were probably glad to hear that they are not the only one’s with restless kids yesterday. It is always worse for the parents as you are more self-conscious. Me, I just sit and giggle and enjoy the NORMAL kids I didn’t get to have.
    I don’t think we’d be so self conscious if we were back in the Orem ward with you. There were soooo many kids that ours were the quiet ones (well, guess we only had Big Goofball back then). This ward is so super tiny and usually quiet, with the exception of the 90-something-y-o man that yells at his wife during the service. So we are uber self conscious about the boys.

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