Running of the Bulls, P’ville Style

We’ve lived in this small little town for less than a year. Which means we are still trying to figure out all the little quirks and traditions.

This evening around 5 we headed downtown, contact check with the optometrist. We noticed all these people sitting out in lawn chairs facing the road. All down Main and 3rd, the two busiest roads in town. We thought “Oh, must be a parade tonight.” After all, it is Summer Fest this weekend.

After the eye doctor we decided to go through the drive through at the DQ. (Yes, I know, not the best food for us, especially Joe, to be eating. But we didn’t want to heat the house up even more cooking.) We’re sitting there waiting for our food when we see police cars driving down 3rd. Going along with our earlier assumption we figured the parade was starting and we were going to be stuck at the DQ watching it because there’s no way for us to get home from where we were if the parade went down the two main streets.

So we watched.

And I should have learned by now to take the camera with me everywhere I go! Maybe I’ve learned my lesson now.

Following the police cars came some cowboys and cowgirls. A herd of about 10 to 15 steer, one of which had an impressively HUGE set of horns. And a few more cowpokes. Then a cop and an ambulance. Then all the people packed up their lawn chairs and left.


I talked to a native of our town. He said that it is a huge tradition dating back about 60-ish years. The annual cattle drive to kick off the Crooked River Round-Up. Last year was the first year they didn’t do the cattle drive because people complained about it. But more people than that complained that it didn’t happen last year so it started up again this year. It’s just too funny!


2 Responses to “Running of the Bulls, P’ville Style”

  1. 1 foolsewoode June 21, 2007 at 7:25 am

    I’ve lived in the same “small town” for 27 years…and sometimes it’s exasperating the little weird traditions that go on…and then I get all nostalgic for them at the same time. I have been in every parade that Prescott has at one time or another…something to be proud of, yet, a little silly too!

  2. 2 mindyme June 21, 2007 at 10:44 am

    Ahhhh….brings back such memories. It’s Strawberry Days here. I watched the processional of people going to the opening night of the Rodeo last night (I hate that place). All the rides are set up blocking off 2nd south and people are appearing out of every nook and cranny. Without my Mom or Grandma I won’t have to buy a new ‘Strawberry Days Outfit’, so that we can meet the whole family down there. I will end up taking the kids though….you have to…it’s tradition.

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