Baby Blanket Progress

Yesterday I started work on the baby blanket for my friend. I had actually cut all the fabric months ago but hadn’t started working on it beyond that. Yesterday I got all 32 blocks assembled.

26 July 2007-1

I think they turned out pretty cute. There is one block (top right) that has a spot where four corners meet and I pretty much nailed it on all of them! I laid it all out in rows and have it ready to finish putting together. The white things on the block are sticky notes saying block name (A1, A2, etc) so I wouldn’t lose the placement when I picked it up off the floor.

26 July 2007-2

Today I plan to put all the rows together. (I hope I can nail all the four corners happening when I put the rows together!!) I measured out my fabric last night (my sister Tracy gave me this set of fabric about a year ago) and realized that I have enough for back and binding, but not enough to add a little border. But it will still be cute! I’m trying to decide if I want to send this to Utah to have my sister Carrie quilt it up on her big quilting machine, or if I want to try and do it by hand. If I do it then it’ll be cheaper. But not necessarily done quickly or cutely.

The pattern is called Crazy Eights and it’s from Bits ‘n Pieces.

(Fellow WordPress users: Do you have this problem? I get my post all done and it looks good, then I post it and it has mysteriously made whole paragraphs links. To what they supposedly link to I don’t check. So I go back and fix it, everything looks nice again, post it, then it has a different paragraph linking off to something else. GRRRR!!!)


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