What Routine?

The boys and I are trying to get back into a routine now that Joe is back at work. It’s kinda hard. I’m thinking back to Monday and Tuesday and I really don’t know what we did all day!

The boys like playing with all the Transformers they got for their birthdays. Their favorites are Bumblebee and Barricade. Sai showed me how he transforms Bumblebee. (He makes robots and then I get to make them back into cars. I’m finally getting good at it!)

Playing Transformers

Today we went to the library. It’s always fun. Sai’s friend Riley from church was there. The boys played in the kids area while I grabbed some books (picked up the 5th book in the Shopaholic series) and magazines (ones that I’d never buy but look at when I’m in the library, like Us and People, hee hee, plus about three quilt magazines). Then I sat and skimmed the mags while the boys looked at books and played. Even though we have a small library it is nice to go there. Especially in the cool air conditioned building.

I’ve been planning on new bag to sew. It’s not going to be for me. But I keep changing my mind about how I want to do it so I haven’t started it yet. I’m just worried that it won’t turn out how I want it to so then I’ll be bummed that I wasted the fabric. But if I don’t try then how can I succeed. Right? So maybe I’ll let the boys watch a video and I’ll do a little sewing.


1 Response to “What Routine?”

  1. 1 Sadira August 1, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    Transformers are so cool! Our library has a book sale area where people can donate their old books and mags and other media for the library to resell and raise money for new stuff! It is so wonderful…there are always a million little treasures to be had in there…
    Transformers are pretty cool. I’m a girl and I admit it. (I LOVED the movie, too. It’s the summer movie for me.)

    I know our library has sales but I’ve never been. I’ll have to go to the next one… I don’t mind buying used books and mags.

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