Random Stuff

We have had the best weather since Saturday. It started getting really cool on Saturday. Sunday and Monday we had rain. And then it has only gotten as high as the 80s the last few days. It’s been so nice! I haven’t turned the AC on, well, I’ve turned fans on, but not the AC. I’m so hoping that it doesn’t get any hotter before the summer is over because this is just perfect weather!

Have you had a day like my day today? I started this morning and did the dishes, dusted, swept, mopped, vacuumed, picked up toys and shoes, did laundry, etc. And now. It doesn’t look like I did anything! *sigh* And speaking of vacuuming, I can plug my vacuum in by the front door and vacuum the WHOLE house without having to unplug it. Seriously. All carpeted surfaces can be reached from one outlet. It’s not a huge house, obviously, but just the right size for us.

And the guy we would buy Mexican bread from opened a bakery in our little town. YUM! We can get bread (conchitas are my favorite) any day of the week. We don’t have to buy enough to last a whole week when he would come around our neighborhood on Thursdays. Of course, door-to-door delivery is all gone now that he has opened his bakery.

My friend Mindy told me about this author, Stephenie Meyer. She has written the Twilight series for young adults that includes Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I’ve read the first two books and loved them! Unfortunately my local library did not buy book three that just came out. So now I want to buy all three books! 

Joe heard this song by Flight of the Conchords on the radio and had me find it on YouTube. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship you will probably find it very funny. I laughed nearly the whole time I watched. It’s not the video that is so funny, it’s the lyrics (although the video makes me laugh, too).


1 Response to “Random Stuff”

  1. 1 Irene August 24, 2007 at 12:17 am

    Thanks for the song! It had me laughing by myself at 1am this morning. I love those guys.
    I’m glad you liked it too! I’d never heard of them before and I think they’re pretty good.

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