We’ve been having crazy weather. Yesterday the rain started aroun 4:30 PM. We had rain off and on all night. It’s good because we don’t have to water the lawn. Not that we’ve been good at it (yeah, you can tell in the picture). It’d be so much easier if we had underground sprinklers.


Today it has been hot and humid. YUCK! We took a trip to Redmond for groceries and Wal-Mart. Thank goodness for air conditioning in the truck! While at Wal-Mart the boys found this Transformers print. So after it gets prewashed it’s going to be made into PJs.

Transformer fabric

At the grocery store the cashier was almost done scanning all my items when the power went out. I just started laughing thinking that we’d have to start all over. Luckily Safeway hooks up their cash registers to backup generators so he could just keep on scanning. 

I need advice here. My oldest, Sai, has had a tough couple of days. I’m not sure what to do with him. Yesterday I was gone most of the day so Joe stayed home with the boys. I think he found out how hard it really is to be home alone with them all day. (Confession time: I am just starting a part-time job to help us get more stable after Joe’s heart attack and bypass surgery. So I was gone all day attending orientation. My regular work hours will be evenings after Joe gets home and weekends.) Joe said that they had quite the blow-up that morning which ended up with Sai on his bed for an hour. And even after I got home he was pushing all the wrong buttons. He got punished with not TV and no movies. Today hasn’t been much better. He was OK while we were in Wal-Mart but at the grocery store I was almost ready to leave my full cart of food and haul the boys out to the truck to go home. And even now that we are home he’s being a pain. Mostly he’s not listening and throwing tantrums when I tell him no. Joe thinks it could be him trying to deal with me going back to work. I think it could be that he’s more than ready to go back to school. I’m just a little frustrated and not sure what to do with him. What do I do with him?!!

And now Jay is being like Sai. I tell him no and he whines/cries “I want to!” ARGH! I’m going crazy with these two! Calgon Take Me Away!!!


1 Response to “Stormy”

  1. 1 sadira September 2, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Oh yay for rain! I’m sorry the little one is giving you trouble. I’ll bet it is because you’re going back to work…and school is soon too. He’s probably having some adjusting to do…maybe he’s scared about something? I hope it gets better…it sounds like you two are talking about it, so that’s always a great place to start.
    All those storms gave us one big ol’ forest fire. It’s quite a ways away, but the smoke is everywhere! And ash too. We’ve had some more sprinkles today with the possibility of more thunder & lightning, so maybe more fires! Sai’s acting out is probably because of work and school. I feel bad for him. Plus, I think my fuse is a little shorter, too, so I’m more easily upset. I must learn PATIENCE!

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