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How sad is this?

How sad is this? I’m kind of glad the weekend is almost over. I remember dreading Sunday nights because it meant the weekend was almost over and it was time to get back to work. Now I look forward to Sunday nights because it means Monday morning we get back into routine.

Plus, church is over. We spoke in Sacrament meeting. That’s always stressful. So I’m glad it’s over. And Jay wouldn’t go to Nursery without me. He got quite tired and threw a big old tantrum. And my little mama’s boy didn’t want mom. He wanted someone who is a stranger to him to hold him. He didn’t want me. Little punk. I felt a little useless and quite strange.

Sai only has one more soccer game. YAY! I thought he would be more interested in soccer. In his game on Saturday he spent most of the game watching his shadow as he did his ninja moves. At one point the other team was kicking off. The kid kicked it right into Sai’s shins but he was so intent on looking at something else that he didn’t even notice! I attribute his uncaring attitude to other kids on his team. Before he got on a soccer team he LOVED soccer and LOVED playing it in the yard with his dad and brother. And his first game he was into it. But then that first game there was one girl who did almost all the scoring (coach’s daughter) and two boys who had no control. They would push all the other kids and steal the ball from everyone, even their own teammates. After that Sai seemed to just pull back and let the other kids take over. He seems to like it more to be outside playing with other kids. It kind of makes me sad. So I’m glad that there is only one more game left.

And it’s raining today. I love rain. So I’m digging this weather. I’m sitting here in a sweater and slippers and looking at the rain. We have finally had the last of our summer weather. Fall is my favorite time. I wish it would last longer but soon enough the snow will come.

Enjoy your Sunday night!

This is for you…


I never thought someone that I know and love would be affected. So this is for you. I love you very much and wish that I could be there for you.

Love, Kathy

Catching Up

I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without a post. So much seems to have been happening lately, but on the other hand it feels like not much is going on.

Outside today

Big news: I quit my job. I lasted 4 whole weeks. I feel like such a wimp! But it took a big emotional toll on the family and a physical toll on me. I would work late, get home even later. Then get up early the next day to get Sai ready for school. Plus I had a wee bit of a bad attitude because I felt that I had extremely poor training and wasn’t prepared to do my actual job. So yay! I’m home now. I think Sai had the hardest time with me working. He went from seeing me all day every day to seeing me for two hours after school before I took off for work. And he would get upset because I couldn’t go to his soccer games. So I quit. I feel much less stressed.

Mom's Granola

I’ve been making granola today. Mom’s recipe. Mmmm…

And then Joe gave us a scare Sunday. He was feeling new pains in his chest and ended up calling 911 and going to the hospital. That was a long night! But it wasn’t his heart. He’s going to have a nuclear stress test on Monday and then I think he’ll meet with his doc to figure out what is going on. My guess is it might be his meds. But we’ll see. Poor Sai wasn’t yet in bed so he got to see his dad taken away by the EMTs. And one of the EMTs was an EMT that took care of Joe when he had his heart attack. My friend April came over to sit with my kids while I went to the hospital. She is a life saver. She’s 39 weeks pregnant and spent a few hours on my couch. I can’t repay her enough.

Spider guys

The boys are excited for Halloween. I had good intentions of making their costumes. But Sai decided he wanted to be a Transformer and, naturally, Jay wants to be the same as his brother. I couldn’t find a sewing pattern for Transformers so that idea was nixed. Then they said they wanted to be pirates. I found patterns but before I bought anything we went to the store and they saw Spiderman costumes and that’s what we got. Sai loves to put it on. Saturday the boys dressed up in them then we walked to April & Jared’s to show them. But they weren’t home.

My parents are headed off to Australia tomorrow. They’ll be gone for almost a month. A month without talking to my mom? This will be interesting. And it’s not our turn for bad luck/bad news. Two years ago when Mom & Dad went to Eastern Europe and Russia Joe and I decided to move to Oregon. Last year when they went to China my brother Bryan ripped his esophogus and my sister Jenny had Bell’s Palsy. Then this last spring when they went on a cruise of the Panama Canal Joe had his heart attack. So see, it’s not our turn for bad luck while my parents are out of communication. I’m hoping everyone in the family will be safe during this next month.

And yesterday was Joe’s birthday. Now he is 32 like me. We had a mellow day. Joe worked. Then we all went to Sai’s soccer game and out to pizza. We came home to the driveway decorated. Jared & April stopped by but we weren’t home so they left a big huge birthday message all over the driveway using sidewalk chalk. It’s quite funny, really. So happy birthday Joe! I think I’ll count each birthday, each holiday, each precious day and hold them dear. I love you!!!


And I’ll end with sending Good Luck messages to my nephew Eric and his family. Eric entered the MTC today and is serving a mission for our church in Georgia. So good luck, Eric. And good luck to my sister Dena who will soon be an emptynester.

More Random Thoughts

I’ve got 15 minutes before I need to leave to pick up Sai from school. Just wanted to say a few things.

Yesterday I met Denise in person. Wow! She is such a wonderful nice person. We talked for at least and hour and it was fun and nice. I hope get to meet more of my blog friends in real life. Especially if they are like Denise. I’m sure she and I will meet up again soon.

I’m missing autumn in Utah. It’s my favorite season. Mostly because of the colors and the trees. But here in Central Oregon there aren’t as many deciduous (sp?) trees. So I don’t get to see as much of the pretty fall colors. Back in Utah I would love to go driving up Provo Canyon this time of the year to see the mountainsides in their yellow, orange and red. I miss it.

It’s getting cold. I was wandering around the house in my sweater and slippers just freezing. I decided I needed to break down and turn up the heat. Plus, I think the kids need it at night. Jay’s room gets pretty cold and I think that’s why he hasn’t been sleeping as well.

My Sai is such a crazy kid. Yesterday when I picked him up from school he said that he got sent to the Principal’s office because he ran away from a lady.  That’s all of the story I could get out of him. I’m sure there is more to it and I need to try and ask his teacher. He’s such a character.

I’m having fun at home with Jay. He likes to giggle. And he keeps asking me to watch Fwek–that’s how he says Shrek. We have fun together. And he’s a good kid. Today he took a nap. I was able to sit and watch a video and he slept. It was nice and relaxing.

There is more news coming. I’m not ready to share with the “world” but many close family and friends know. Crazy huh?! Yeah, I think we are crazy.

Thanks Wendy!

It’s been a bit crazybusy around here the last few days. Friday I got a package from Wendy for the scrap swap. She included some very cute fabrics. My favorite is pink with a brown design. So cute! Thank you Wendy!

Besides the swap we’ve had work, soccer, and just dealing with the boys keeping us busy. I’m ready for a Sunday afternoon nap!

That Mom

Am I turning into Thatmom? So I drop off Sai every day for school. Usually I throw on some pants and a t-shirt, brush my hair and go. Today was not that day. I couldn’t drag Sai out of bed. Finally 10 minutes before we had to leave he got out of bed. I rushed to get him dressed and eating his breakfast. That only left me a few minutes to get ready. So I threw on my sweats, a hoodie, no bra (NO BRA!!!), and took off. I’m turning into Thatmom!! There were other moms in sweats but they looked all cute and stuff. I looked like something a cat might drag in. And then there are the moms all dressed up and looking perfect. Sorry, so not me. I’m not getting myself up super early to dress up to take Sai to school.

So I came home, took a shower–ahhh… hot water…–got dressed. I’m feeling better but I still can’t believe I dropped Sai off looking like that! And now I’ve got an hour to dry my hair and take Jay to story time. I’m in need of new books to read so I’m very excited to be heading to the library.

And talking of excitement. I’m eagerly awaiting Tuesday. I’m meeting up with Denise. I’m so very excited to meet her! And guess where we are meeting–TARGET! She’s a woman after my own heart.

Crazy Week – And It’s Only Wednesday!

It’s been a crazy week. Sai and Jay have both been sniffly with runny noses. Yesterday Jay took a nap after we picked up Sai. When he woke up he had a nasty little cough and he was really cranky! He was ornery most of the evening. Luckily Jay takes medicine pretty well.

Sai had his second soccer game. YAY! He had a much better attitude and willingly sat out when it was his turn. His team still scored more goals than their opponants, however, their opponants put up a fight and scored a few goals too.

Sai had a turn throwing in the ball. I love these action photos.

2nd Game-1

2nd Game-2

And Jay had to play a little bit too. (I just love the shirt he is wearing. I bought it for Sai when he was this size. It says “Little Body Big Attitude.” It’s so true!)

2nd Game-3

2nd Game-4

During the game Sai came running off the field crying. I had no idea what had happened. He was holding his cheek and said that he bumped it on another player. I took this picture after the game. You can kind of see the bruise on his right cheek bone. Last night before bed it was huge and purple! But this morning you could barely see it. My poor kid seems to be taking a beating.

2nd Game-5

I’ve been pretty unmotivated to be crafty and sew. I think it’s because I know I need to finish the blanket for my friend April. So I’m not working on anything else. I need to get back into it and finish my table runner. And finish the Transformers PJs for the boys (I’m waiting to do it so they can’t wear them until I have a night off so I can see how cute they look in their PJs).