Crazy Week – And It’s Only Wednesday!

It’s been a crazy week. Sai and Jay have both been sniffly with runny noses. Yesterday Jay took a nap after we picked up Sai. When he woke up he had a nasty little cough and he was really cranky! He was ornery most of the evening. Luckily Jay takes medicine pretty well.

Sai had his second soccer game. YAY! He had a much better attitude and willingly sat out when it was his turn. His team still scored more goals than their opponants, however, their opponants put up a fight and scored a few goals too.

Sai had a turn throwing in the ball. I love these action photos.

2nd Game-1

2nd Game-2

And Jay had to play a little bit too. (I just love the shirt he is wearing. I bought it for Sai when he was this size. It says “Little Body Big Attitude.” It’s so true!)

2nd Game-3

2nd Game-4

During the game Sai came running off the field crying. I had no idea what had happened. He was holding his cheek and said that he bumped it on another player. I took this picture after the game. You can kind of see the bruise on his right cheek bone. Last night before bed it was huge and purple! But this morning you could barely see it. My poor kid seems to be taking a beating.

2nd Game-5

I’ve been pretty unmotivated to be crafty and sew. I think it’s because I know I need to finish the blanket for my friend April. So I’m not working on anything else. I need to get back into it and finish my table runner. And finish the Transformers PJs for the boys (I’m waiting to do it so they can’t wear them until I have a night off so I can see how cute they look in their PJs).


2 Responses to “Crazy Week – And It’s Only Wednesday!”

  1. 1 kat September 12, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    Great photos of the kids! They truly are the cutest.
    I can’t wait for this week to be over. Getting back into a routine is a godsend, but this week has been insane!
    It is good to get back into routine. I hope you are feeling well and that it’s easy getting back into the groove!

  2. 2 sadira September 13, 2007 at 6:47 am

    The boys are too cute! You probably know that already don’t you? It sounds like it’s been a busy week for you…I’ll be taking the weekend for some baby shower gifts myself…sew sew sew!
    I know they are cute. I like hearing it from other people, though. 🙂 Good luck on your sewing this weekend.

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