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More Than Meets the Eye

Sai wanted me to carve my pumpkin last night. So the two of us sat down at the table to draw pumpkin faces, and Sai does a good job at that. Joe made a suggestion so we followed his suggestion. Can you tell what it is?

Autobot pumpkin

You can see the real thing here. I had to make some changes to get it onto my not very big pumpkin. Connect things here, omit lines there. But on the whole I think it looks great. The boys loved it.

Today is the big field trip day. It usually takes a few minutes for me to get Sai out of bed. But this morning I said “It’s field trip day!” And he jumped out of bed. He got dressed fast, ate breakfast fast. He was excited. But I couldn’t get him to go potty before we left for school. Hope he doesn’t have an accident! And he kept bugging me about making a lunch–I make him one most every day! We’ll see what he says when he gets home. Tomorrow is the big Halloween party. He gets to take his costume to school and wear it for the last hour while they have a party. I’ve got cookies ready to go, store bought, of course. 

And Jay is being spoiled today. I put a movie on so I could shower and catch up on the computer. Now I better get my rear in gear and get things done around the house. But maybe not until after lunch. 🙂


Sai, my little rock star, won’t let me take a picture of his hair. But he thinks it is cool and doesn’t want to cut it off. And he’s totally excited because he has a field trip tomorrow. His class is going to a pumpkin patch. He’ll get to ride in a school bus. I think that might be the highlight for him.

And Jay is doing better without his fier. He hasn’t asked for it in about a week. YAY! And the sleeping has gotten slightly better. The last two nights he hasn’t woken me by screaming “MOM!” as loud as he can. Instead, he comes into my room and whispers to me. He’s still waking me up, but more gently. And he still doesn’t want to sleep alone. So last night when Jay came in for the second time at 1 a.m. Joe said he would just go sleep in Jay’s bed so Jay got in bed with me. I think the three of us slept better.

As for me. I thought I was doing pretty well but the throw up thing is getting worse. Which makes me not want to eat because I keep thinking that I don’t want to throw that up. And then I get bad heart burn in the wee hours of the morning. I hope I can handle 6+ more months of this. I go to the doctor for a check up on Thursday, so we’ll see if he has any good advice for me.

I got some sad news yesterday. Rae, my cousin’s daughter and fellow blogger, died in a car accident yesterday. I think she was only 19. It’s a sad thing. I feel so much for her family right now.

He’s a Rock Star

My Sai is a rock star!

Friday he went to the dentist. (See, I knew we did more last week but couldn’t remember.) He was awesome! He went in with the dental hygienist without me and did so awesome. She was really impressed on how he handled getting x-rays. She said that kids his age usually have a really hard time. But not my Sai. And he loved getting his teeth cleaned. In that area he takes after his dad. When they took me back to him he was getting his fluoride treatment. He got to control the suction so he was sitting there with his mouthful of trays and smiling and giving me thumbs up. (Where did this kid come from? He is a lot like me in so many ways, but not when it comes to the dentist.)

The dentist came in and checked out his teeth and they looked good. No cavities. YAY! They did tell him that his mom and dad need to help him brush at least once a day but he doesn’t believe that. He gets mad at me when I try to help him out. And then the dentist showed me his x-rays. Sai has more teeth coming in than room. You can see from the x-rays that his top teeth are already overlapping. And his bottom teeth that will be coming in are bigger than the space will be when he loses his current bottom teeth. And he should be losing these teeth within the next year and getting new molars within the next year. His poor mouth is going to go through a lot!

And then last night Joe gave Sai a haircut. He took him outside to buzz it (it was so nice and warm last night). Joe had me come and check it out to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. And he had given Sai a bit of a Mohawk. Oh jeez. Sai went in the house to check it out and came out and said he wanted to keep it to show his class. So I told him he could have it for one day and then we were cutting it off. We’ll see if he lets me cut it off tonight. I’ll try to get a picture of him after school and post it. Oh, and when I took him to school he was covering his hair with his hand like he was embarrassed. But I knew he thought he was pretty cool with his funky hair.

See, he’s my little rock star!

(Have you heard? Season 12 of Amazing Race starts on November 4th! YAY! And season 4 of Project Runway starts November 14th! YAY again!)

100% Fier Free

Fier = Pacifier

When Sai was a baby he liked his pacifier. Until I started supplementing him with formula. (I seem to not be good at nursing.) Once he started getting full he stopped the pacifier.

Jay, on the other hand, LOVES his Fier. And I was the enabler. I kept saying that he needed it for comfort. So at the age of 2 we cut it back to nap time and bed time. And now we have cut it out completely. And why did it take so long? Because I was dreading his behavior, which I fully admit is all my fault because I was the enabler.

Wednesday night was night #1 without the fier. That was the night from hell! Jay, Joe and I didn’t get much sleep. But Sai slept through it all. And everything I’ve read about helping your child quite the pacifier said to give them something else for comfort, like a lovey. Tried that. But he wanted me, not his puppy. Every night since he says “Mom, feep with me.” I want to sleep in my own bed, but in the middle of the night I concede and end up in his bed with him. Sunday morning, though, he kicked me out, literally, and told me “Feep in  your bed.” So yeah, not getting much sleep around here.

And Jay seems to have night terrors now that the fier is gone. He wakes up screaming and nothing Joe and I do helps until he wakes himself up. It’s not fun.

Any advice? After this experience I keep thinking of things that I’ll do different with the next one. No fier dependence!!

Week in Review

It’s been a busy week around here. Sai only had 2 1/2 days of school this week. So he was home for 2 1/2 days. Wow.

Wednesday, as I was nodding off on the couch, Sai reminded me that I said they could paint their pumpkins. The boys had a lot of fun. It was funny because they would just go over and over and over the same spots. And they would water down their paint. So they ended up a gray-ish watery color. But hey, they had fun. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. You can see the rest of them on my flickr page. (And don’t get me started on flickr. They sucker you in with a free account and then you hit your limit on pictures and sets. I guess the Pro account isn’t that much but it is when you are on a tight budget.)

Painting pumpkins 12

Painting pumpkins 18

I feel like we were busy all week but when I’m pressed to think about what else we did I draw a blank. There was the all important purchase of the Transformers movie. And Joe making his delicious banana muffins (OK, so the recipe is actually from here, but they are REALLY good). Jay had to lick the beater. Silly boy.

Jay Banana Muffins

Friday night we had an EQ social. Only five families showed up. But we had a lot of fun. We had a bonfire and hot-dogs and hot chocolate and smores. It was cold but the fire kept us nice and warm. It was fun just to get out and talk. By the time we got home we smelled pretty funky, though. We all had to have showers because I didn’t want our beds to smell.

And now the weekend is over and it’s time to start all over again. Hope this week is a good one.

Is It a Good Thing??

So is it a good thing when the principal knows your kid’s name? Principal Danforth knows Sai’s name. I’m guessing he met Sai after the window incident last week. But what do you think? Good or bad??

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we had a fun family outing. We went to the Central Oregon Pumpkin Patch. We had perfect weather and I think we all had a good time.

pumpkin patch 1

This picture of Jay just cracks me up. No smile. No emotions. Really, he had a fun time.

pumpkin patch 2

There were pre-picked pumpkins. But he headed on down to what was left of the pumpkin patch. It was fun to wander around and find the “perfect” pumpkin.

pumpkin patch 5

Look how hard Jay is concentrating. He was the first to find his pumpkin and he was very serious about getting it to the wheelbarrow.

pumpkin patch 6

And here are my three guys. Aren’t they just so cute?!

pumpkin patch 7

And finally here is Sai. His poor face looks so sad. He’s had a tough week running into windows and falling on the sidewalk.

Now we’ll have a fun night soon where the boys will paint their pumpkins. I think I might carve mine because I really want to roast the pumpkin seeds. Yummy.