There’s nothing like announcing you’re pregnant to get your blog stats up. πŸ™‚ I’ve had a lot of hits these last few days. Still haven’t surpassed my one-day high, yet.

I’m starting to feel better. I notice that mornings are the hardest and that’s when I want to sleep most and when I feel the crummiest. I think I’m on the upswing, though. I haven’t been feeling as nauseous and I’m feeling more like eating.

In fact. I’ve got cravings! I sent Joe to the store Friday night to get me ice cream. He claims that it is the first time he has ever had to go to the store to please his pregnant wife’s cravings. I had him get me Umpqua’s Chocolate Chip Mint. YUM! I love this stuff. I like Baskin Robins better but there isn’t one close by. And by buying the half gallon I’ve got it on hand.


And Snickers. Mmmm… And buying the little ones is perfect I just need one (or two) to make me happy.


In other news…

We had a sick kid yesterday. Sai was complaining of a headache so he laid down on the couch. Next thing ya know, he’s got a fever and chills. I felt bad for him. And he hatesΒ  medicine. If I can convince him to swallow it down without tasting it we do OK. So we got some Tylenol down him. He took a couple naps that ended up being about four hours of napping. And then he went to bed at 9 and slept through the night. I kept him home from school just in case. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of other kids getting sick.

And my friend April had her baby. After 12 hours of labor she ended up with a c-section because the baby was face up instead of face down and quite a bit distressed. I think she’s a little bummed that it ended up that way. It’s one cute baby. Lots of blond hair.

My Sister Nann had surgery for her breast cancer. It was pretty successful. Now she has radiation therapy and some sort of drug therapy to look forward to. I think she’s pretty brave to go through all this. I wish I could be there to help her out like she was for me when I had my gall bladder surgery (not that you can compare CANCER to a gall bladder). Plus, it would have been funny to see her so loopy yet avoiding naming her favorite sister.Β She would have said Kathy, right? πŸ™‚


4 Responses to “Cravings”

  1. 1 Denise October 8, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    I am so excited for you! And I must say that I feel a bit special since I knew about your hunny-bun-in-the-oven before you posted it here!

    I was surprised to read about your sisters battle with the big B.C.! Wow! I do not remember you mentioning it when we met at Target. Please pass along my good wishes and sweet thoughts for her, OK? Well, a hug too.

    I am gald you are OK with quiting the job. Now you can relax on the couch all watching soaps and eating Bon-Bons! What a life!

    How did the tests turn out for the hubby’s ol’ ticker? Pretty scarry stuff there!

    We are all dandy here. I went to Portland last Saturday and met up with 3 of my sister-in-law’s and 3 of my adult nieces. We had a suite at Embassy Suites that was exquisite! We had a great dinner and then went and got tattoos!!!!! What a crazy night! They had wanted to stay up all night long partying and drinking and I was to be the supervisor since I do not drink. We were all so tired from the huge adrenelin rush of the tattoos that we were all in bed by 1am! I got up at 8 and headed home because I had quilting. It was agreat night. I am going to post some pictures on my blog when the tatoo is finished healing. It is very pretty.

    Anyway, gotta go and get ready for bed. Keep in touch… Denise
    Hee hee! I can’t wait to see the new tat. I’m sure it was pretty funny to see all you hyped up women in the parlor anxiously awaiting your turn.
    My sister hadn’t yet been diagnosed when we met up at Target. It all happened so suddenly. Biopsy on Tuesday, diognosis on Thursday, and surgery the following Friday. Whew! But she seems to be doing very well.
    How’s your daughter doing?
    Keep in touch!

  2. 2 Dena October 9, 2007 at 9:37 am

    You know she would have said “Dena” thats why she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want the rest of you to feel bad.

    Tell April congrats. I guess you could commiserate with her on the long labor and then c-section.

    By the way, mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream. Now I’m craving some and it’s definitely not because of pregnancy!
    Guess that’s the problem with having 5 sisters. Ya can’t choose a favorite. I’ll pass the congrats on to April. I can commiserate with labor and c-section AND infertility. Her experience with her first child is so similar to what mine was. Mint Chocolate Chip is the best. Do you remember that ice cream place in Springville that called it Grasshopper? Was it SOS Drug? I remember going there and getting it.

  3. 3 nikko October 9, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    12 hours and then a c-section? That’s just not fair. I haven’t had too many cravings this time around. With my last pregnancy, it was McD’s sausage McMuffin with egg. I could tell you the exact amount it cost and the exact time that the drive thru quit serving them each morning. :o)
    That’s funny! You were probably their best morning customer. πŸ˜‰ I love their bacon egg & cheese biscuit. Mmmm… Hope that doesn’t turn into another craving.

  4. 4 sadira October 11, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    I’m having cravings for salty potato chips lately…I am dreaming about eating them all the time…and I’m not pregnant. What gives?
    I think salty potato chips are a common craving among ALL women! Mmm.. Salt and vinger potato chips especially. πŸ™‚

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