He’s a Rock Star

My Sai is a rock star!

Friday he went to the dentist. (See, I knew we did more last week but couldn’t remember.) He was awesome! He went in with the dental hygienist without me and did so awesome. She was really impressed on how he handled getting x-rays. She said that kids his age usually have a really hard time. But not my Sai. And he loved getting his teeth cleaned. In that area he takes after his dad. When they took me back to him he was getting his fluoride treatment. He got to control the suction so he was sitting there with his mouthful of trays and smiling and giving me thumbs up. (Where did this kid come from? He is a lot like me in so many ways, but not when it comes to the dentist.)

The dentist came in and checked out his teeth and they looked good. No cavities. YAY! They did tell him that his mom and dad need to help him brush at least once a day but he doesn’t believe that. He gets mad at me when I try to help him out. And then the dentist showed me his x-rays. Sai has more teeth coming in than room. You can see from the x-rays that his top teeth are already overlapping. And his bottom teeth that will be coming in are bigger than the space will be when he loses his current bottom teeth. And he should be losing these teeth within the next year and getting new molars within the next year. His poor mouth is going to go through a lot!

And then last night Joe gave Sai a haircut. He took him outside to buzz it (it was so nice and warm last night). Joe had me come and check it out to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. And he had given Sai a bit of a Mohawk. Oh jeez. Sai went in the house to check it out and came out and said he wanted to keep it to show his class. So I told him he could have it for one day and then we were cutting it off. We’ll see if he lets me cut it off tonight. I’ll try to get a picture of him after school and post it. Oh, and when I took him to school he was covering his hair with his hand like he was embarrassed. But I knew he thought he was pretty cool with his funky hair.

See, he’s my little rock star!

(Have you heard? Season 12 of Amazing Race starts on November 4th! YAY! And season 4 of Project Runway starts November 14th! YAY again!)


6 Responses to “He’s a Rock Star”

  1. 1 nikko October 24, 2007 at 11:27 am

    Can’t wait to see a picture!
    I forgot to take one yesterday! I’ll have to catch him after school today. He loves the hair and doesn’t want to cut it. And my husband is kind of egging him on about it. Which I should have realized would happen since my hubby has had blue, green, burgendy, and blond hair at some time during our married life. (He’s mellowed out since then…it was pre-kids.)

  2. 2 sadira October 24, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    I am excited to see the rock star in person…I’m glad he did so well at the dentist too! I wish I could say the same for me…
    Picture will come soon. I hope his attitude towards the dentist stays. So hopefully he won’t get cavaties because I’m sure getting fillings will destroy his happy dentist attitude.

  3. 3 mindyme October 24, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Sai is a funny kid!

    Are you kidding…I couldn’t find anything about the Amazing Race anywhere and I was afraid it was canceled. Is it on Sunday still?
    Yes he is. But aren’t most kids funny like that about something???

    Yes, thankfully it is not canceled. How could they cancel it when it won another Emmy anyway? Hopefully people will watch it, though, so it won’t get canceled. Hope you got that link I e-mailed earlier. YAY AMAZING RACE!!!!

  4. 4 Dena October 24, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    What a great kid! Sandy has always loved getting her teeth cleaned. She would be reminding me that it was time for a check-up. I, on the other hand, can’t stand to have my teeth cleaned. It’s great to have no cavities, too.

    As you said, November should be great with the Amazing Race and Project Runway. Looking forward to it.
    I’m just so glad you sent me that link about Amazing Race! I’d been looking but hadn’t found anything. And I love Project Runway thanks to you and Tiffany. 🙂 I even watch the marathons on Bravo of past seasons. Joe says “Haven’t you already seen this?” But I keep watching any way.

  5. 5 kat October 24, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    you really do have a rock star there!
    I can’t wait for Project Runway 🙂
    I hate to admit this, but I have never seen the amazing race!
    My sister loves the show… maybe I will check it out.
    When is it on? Sundays?
    I’m always happy to know fellow Project Runway fans! The “drama” the contestants create kills me! And I really think you would like the Race. It is on Sundays.

  6. 6 Sandy October 25, 2007 at 7:54 am

    At least it is your LITTLE BOY who wanted the Mohawk. Adam wanted to try it out… Why? Because his hero Beckham has/had one. I told him no. Can you imagine him at church with his hawk? However, I am sure that it would look awesome on Sai or anyone under the age of 10. 🙂
    Don’t you remember a few years back Joe had one? He called it a fauxhawk. It looked pretty cool. And I think it was around the time Beckham had one too. Those soccer geeks. And he went to church with it. But going to church with that is better than when he went to church with the blue hair or green hair or burgandy hair or blond hair… I guess you have to pick your battles when it comes to your man. 🙂 And Sai loves the hair. I want to shave it off but he wants to keep it. Joe wants to grow it and groom it into a nice fauxhawk. Which probably would look pretty cool.

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