Hint of Green

I know there is so much that we could do to be “greener”. We are trying to take steps. Our local garbage facility has a recycling center, but it’s totally voluntary and you have to make all the effort to do it. We’ve been trying to recycle. Joe and Sai took our recyclables this morning and decided that there is so much more that we can recycle. So they went out and bought these big tubs to put our recycling in. Then we made labels and Sai stuck them on. It will make it so much easier.

Green-ish Sai

We also ended up cleaning out the garage while we were out there. It’s amazing how much dirt and dead leaves accumulate in there. Plus we reorganized some areas to make it look better.

I’ve also been doing the cleaning things that I usually put off. But since my parents are coming I thought I might as well do them. I got down and did the hands-and-knees scrubbing of the bathroom floors because we have terrible linoleum in there. (I usually use the Wet Swiffer–I’m LAZY!) I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned all the shelves and trays (OK, we’ve had the fridge for a year and this is the first time I’ve cleaned it good since we got it, shame on me). I cleaned out the silverware tray and deep cleaned the microwave. Whew…

And Joe helped the boys clean out the toys. We downsized quite a bit and got rid of broken stuff. The boys were actually very good about it for once. Probably because I wasn’t threatening them that I would throw it all away if I cleaned it up. 🙂 (I can’t be the only mom who says that, right?)

And now I’m really tired. Joe says that I got everyone up too early. I guess 8 is early for a Saturday, but I was starving and wanted to make breakfast. I hope the rest of our Saturday and Sunday are relaxing!


6 Responses to “Hint of Green”

  1. 1 kat November 3, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    sounds like a good productive day!
    Hey, you have an extra hour tomorrow, yahoo~ enjoy it.
    The “extra” hour went by fast. Really, what did I do with it? I don’t know!!! I certainly didn’t sleep in.

  2. 2 Nanno November 3, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    Congrats! Oregon is pretty green. I miss Sandy City for their mandatory recycling. I also miss the twice a year citywide curbside clean-up. You could clean out the yard, garage, etc. and leave it at the curb. You just had to separate the green waste from the landfill and nothing toxic, but they told you where to go for the toxic. I do try to do paper, plastic, and of course, aluminum.

    You have the right to be hungry, even on Saturday morning.
    It was easier when we lived in Bend because we had these little bins that we set out each week with our garbage. I guess it’s somewhat easy here, we just have to make a bit more effort.
    I feel like I’m hungry ALL the time! I just want to be snacking all day. 🙂

  3. 3 sadira November 3, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    You got a lot done! I didn’t do much myself…I DID take myself to a movie and THOUGHT about cleaning and organizing…oh well, maybe some other time…
    Well, you probably needed to take the time to relax and hang out. I hope you ate movie theater popcorn–even though they charge you an arm & leg. There will be more time to clean and organize later. If not, oh well!

  4. 4 Blissy November 5, 2007 at 10:06 am

    I really like the AF City recycling, we have to pay $4 extra/mo but we have one recycling bin to put it all in — plastics, aluminum, paper, etc., just no glass, and they do the sorting. It cuts down on our garbage a TON. Made me feel pretty guilty for how much of our garbage before was recyclable. I am jealous that my Saturday wasn’t as productive as yours, I spent most of it trying to keep food down 😦
    I have those days too! I’ll go about 5 days feeling great and I’ll think “I must be over this.” And then I throw up and have a crappy day all day. So I feel your pain! I hope you start feeling better soon. Just remember it’s all for that cute little baby growing inside! 🙂
    That’s cool that AF has a recycling program. Now that I think about it I think Orem had it too but we never did it.

  5. 5 Irene November 6, 2007 at 7:47 am

    Holy Cow! I can’t believe you got all that done in one weekend. That would be like a 3-day (at least) project for me. I congratulate you on trying to recycle more. We recycle alot here in Portland, but it still amazes me when others haven’t even started. And it’s so easy with curbside pick-up here that you would think everyone would be doing it. Change is difficult I guess.
    It is difficult. I think it’s been slightly easier for us because when we lived in Bend we had curbside pick up. So when we moved we were used to doing it and then figured out that we could do it, it just takes more effort.

  6. 6 nikko November 7, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    You have been so busy! Our neighborhood doesn’t have much in the way of recycling opportunities and it drives me batty. I do collect our newspapers, paper, junk mail, etc. because the school has a recycle bin in the parking lot. But, it just about kills me to throw away plastic jugs and glass jars. I need to be better about finding places to take all that.
    Hopefully with all the new awareness about global warming and what we are doing to our environment more communities will get involved. Good luck with the recycling!

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