I’ve Been Wondering…

I’ve been wondering if it was really worth it to get Jay off his pacifier. Seriously. The doctor said we needed to do it and listed reasons. Plus I didn’t want a big kid running around with one in his mouth.

Jay has been fier free for almost one month. And it has been a tiring month for me. While he still had his fier I could send him to bed with his fier and he would fall asleep by himself. And if he woke up during the night I could put him back to bed with his fier and he’d go back to sleep.

Not any more.

His sleeping habits have gotten worse.

When it’s bed time he says “Mom, feep me.” (Meaning: Mom, sleep with me.) So I get him in bed and I lay on his covers until he falls asleep. It takes 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve tried sitting on the floor by his bed but then it takes him longer to fall asleep because he keeps checking to make sure I’m still there. Then he’ll sleep for three to four hours and come and wake me up. And he says “Mom, feep bed mine.” And I’m soooo tired that I do. (I’ve tried staying on the floor a few times but my body can’t take the discomfort!) I get in bed with him. And fall asleep. I’ll wake up and escape back to my bed. But I get to stay less than 10 minutes before he’s back in my room saying “Mom, feep bed mine.” So back I go. Usually I give up and sleep in there until Joe gets up for work. Then I go back to my bed. And then when Jay comes in I just put him in bed with me.

It’s killing me. I don’t get good quality sleep. And my hips hurt. I know when my belly gets bigger it just isn’t going to happen. And Joe tries to take my spot but Jay wants mom, not dad. And without a fier holding his jaws open Jay grinds his teeth. It makes me cringe.

So I’m wondering. Was it worth it? Right now I’m thinking I’d much rather have him sleep mostly through the night with his fier so I can sleep in my own comfy roomier bed.


8 Responses to “I’ve Been Wondering…”

  1. 1 Sandy November 14, 2007 at 9:36 am

    I’m not gonna lie to you, I loved Owen’s binkie. I stopped buying them and one by one he lost them. I was kind of sad about it though. It was really nice when he was screaming to put it in his mouth. Plus, I swear he eats alot more. A month later, I even tried to give it back to him because I wanted him to have it for my sake. He hated it. The peace and serenity was nice while it lasted. Now the problem is getting him to stop screaming, yelling and stealing my phone. 🙂
    I know what you mean. I’m missing Jay’s fier more than he is. But I think there’s no guarantee that if I give it back to him that he’ll magically start sleeping through the night. Good luck with Owen! He was always loud! 🙂 So I can’t imagine how much he yells now. Don’t you have an old cell phone to give him? We did that with Sai once so he would leave ours alone.

  2. 2 nikko November 14, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    I dunno, but it seems like it will only be worse the older he gets. Good luck!
    Thanks! I think I need it. 😀

  3. 3 sadira November 14, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    I don’t know…seriously…won’t he just grow out of it on his own? I mean, my mother took away my bottle early and I still remember how horrible it was…
    Oh great. Now he’ll have memories of his mean mom taking his fier away then getting mad at him because she didn’t want to sleep with him. GUILT. 😉

  4. 4 Irene November 14, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    You know my opinion. Let them have it and try again in a couple of months. When they are ready, they’re ready and it won’t be such an ordeal. Just my two cents.
    But now I’m worried that if I were to give it back to him that he wouldn’t start sleeping well again. Joe and I have talked about giving it back to him. We’ll see how desperate I get. I wouldn’t mind giving it back to him, but any time he wanted comfort he would beg for it or say he was tired so I would give it to him. He was playing me! 🙂

  5. 5 jmarz November 14, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    If you think that it will help everyone get more sleep I say to try it again. Maybe, he won’t want it. He didn’t seem to mind when he say Paige’s pacifier. Sorry I’m not much help at night.
    I know. When he saw Paige with her fier he pointed it out but didn’t try to steal it like he did when your nephew Jared came to visit. Maybe he’s over it. If tonight is anything like the past few I might try it to see how it goes. You try to help. It’s just the little turkey wants his mom. If the next child is like this I’m going to go crazy! But I love them.

  6. 6 Nanno November 15, 2007 at 10:32 am

    Go for the sleep. With just naps and bedtime it is not like he is carrying it in his pocket everywhere he goes. You need your sleep and will need more as it goes and this will help.

    Loved the baby quilt and Mom was so proud that she got it done.
    He does OK with naps. He’ll fall asleep in the truck when we pick up Sai and I can put him down in his bed. And at night he usually, but not always, will sleep for the first three or four hours without me. It’s just after that. He has to have his feet touching me at all times. And it BUGS me because he digs his toes in.
    The baby quilt is very cute. I know I still have months to finish it but I’m worried if I procrastinate it won’t get done in time. A good example of this is April’s baby quilt which I started months before she was due and now Paige is 6 weeks old and I’m still working on it!!! I guess I’ll get off the computer and quilt for a while.

  7. 7 lera November 15, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    Only one of my children took a pacifier. I remember the first few nights without it.

    I think this is like potty-training. Just as soon as you are about to lose your mind and give up (and put diapers back on the child), it flip flops and is successful. Just stick it out. This too shall pass …
    I want to stick to it and not give it back. On one hand I think that if I give it back to him he either won’t want it or it won’t help him sleep better, so don’t give it back. On the other hand I think what if it’ll help him sleep by himself. But I doubt that. I’ll try my hardest to stick to my guns. I should have thrown it away way back when instead of hiding it. It’s temptation knowing where it is and that I can resort to giving it to him. Thanks for the thoughts on this!

  8. 8 Wende November 18, 2007 at 9:07 pm

    Oh sweetie… I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I do remember! But honestly, I think it’s better he has a pacifier than you climbing into bed to get him to sleep! Trust me… that only creates BIGGER problems.

    Sleep issues, they just don’t end.
    No they don’t! His big brother has been a fabulous sleeper ever since we got him a big boy bed, he sure hated the crib. But Jay has been keeping me from sleeping through the night since I was pregnant with him. I think I’m used to being sleep deprived or something!

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