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It Was Good.

We had a good Christmas.


Joe and I didn’t put presents under the tree until after the boys were asleep on Christmas Eve. So they had no idea what to expect. When Sai woke up he came running into my room. “MOM! There are presents under the tree!” He was so excited! He couldn’t wait for Joe and me to get out there and he ran and started ripping into a present. I made him stop until we could all be there. Jay was so excited that he was shaking while he opened his first few presents. The boys were just so much fun to watch. So much fun that we didn’t take any pictures. I said to Joe that the boys were spoiled but he said that they weren’t because they’ve had a rough year too and they deserve the gifts that they got.

The boys got toys and lots of clothes. They were so happy and excited with everything they got–even the clothes. Joe and I got some gift certificates, YAY! And this cook book that we are excited about. I also got some maternity clothes (the most awesome pair of maternity jeans I’ve ever seen!) and a fab necklace (thanks!). Joe and I weren’t going to get each other anything. But thanks to my mom and sister Carrie I got him this.

Christmas quilt

When my parents came to visit my mom and I saw this fabric. It’s so Joe. We started making the quilt top but didn’t quite get it done. So Mom took it home to finish it and Carrie quilted it up.  Joe was funny because he asked me if it was a quilt he could use or if it was only for show. I have to admit that is a valid question since I have quilts that my mom made that I tell him he can’t sit on or use.

We wouldn’t have had such a wonderful Christmas without the generosity of family and friends. I want to thank you all again for all that you have done for us.

Today we woke up to snow. And so far it’s still here. My friend Rhonda called me and invited the boys and me to go sledding up at her house. I dressed the boys up in their snow clothes and boots and off we went. They had a blast! Jay even liked it this year. When we took him last year he cried so I ended up sitting in the truck with him while Sai and Joe sledded. Here is Sai and his friend Taylor after one run.


After we did some sledding we roasted hot dogs outside on the fire and drank hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun.


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Busy Day

So much to do today and so little time. So why am I here writing? I’ve got a half hour before my VTs arrive. After they leave I’m off to the bank and the grocery store. Hopefully I’ll get that all done, get lunch for Jay and me, then I’m off to Sai’s school. I’m helping his class with their Christmas party today.

The kids got to wear their pajamas to school for their parties. Sai was excited. But it’s so cold and I know they’ll send the kids out for recess. So I doubled up his PJs. He has a flannel pair underneath with his Transformer pair on top. Then a long sleeve T with his short sleeve Transformer T over that. It’s all about the layers!

I asked Joe if I should wear my PJs when I go help the class. He laughed. It’s all because a few Saturdays ago I got up and went to the kitchen. Joe had let me sleep in so him and the boys were at the table. Well, Sai saw me coming and pointed to my chest and asked why it was pointing down. *SIGH* Seriously, I can’t wander around my own house in PJs without a bra on? (BTW, I told him it was because I was getting old. 😀 LOL) So if I were to wear my PJs to Sai’s school I would wear a bra. So thanks for laughing Joe. 😉

Hope you all get your last minute Christmas stuff taken care of. I still have wrapping to do. And cookies to make, but I’m waiting for Tuesday to do that so there will be some left for Sai to leave out for Santa.

Christmas Stockings


Sai requested a blue stocking with Santa on it. I decided on the snowman for Jay. I put them together quickly. I’m kind of happy/not happy with the way they turned out. I guess it’s pretty good for a quick project. But I had something looking much cooler pictured in my mind. Maybe next year I’ll take more time to work on them so they will turn out much cooler. The good thing about these is that they are on the small side so it won’t take a lot to fill them.

Yesterday was Sai’s school program. It was cute. They combined all the Kindergarten classes and the First Grade classes. They sang songs with actions and there were a few poems. I was pretty impressed with the kids. But Sai’s class was on the back row so I had a hard time getting pictures and video of the program. Plus Jay insisted on sitting on my lap so the video is kind of jumpy since Jay kept bumping my arms.

I can’t believe there is less than a week till Christmas. We haven’t done any Christmas shopping for the boys yet. But we are going today. I’m picking up Sai after school and we are heading straight out to Redmond to meet Joe. We’ll take a quick run through Wal-Mart to look. Then I’ll take the boys and leave and Joe will stay and make the purchases. Neither of us is sure what to get the boys so this way we both get to look and then we can both decide what to get but still surprise the boys.


Joe and I haven’t had a land line in a long time. We use our cell phones as our only phones. It’s kind of nice. But also it can be a pain.

Like, I feel like I have to explain myself when I miss a phone call. Most people who call me know that I have a cell. So in theory it should be with me at all times. But sometimes I leave it charging in one room and I’m off in another room doing something else. Or I’m vacuuming and can’t hear it. Or in the bathroom and I’m NOT answering the phone while otherwise occupied. And on weekends I leave it in the kitchen because I don’t want to answer it first thing in the morning. So I always feel this awful compulsion to explain to someone why I didn’t answer when they call. I know I do this and I just can’t stop.

We have paperless billing for our phone. I got the email notification that the bill was due. So I went online to look at it (had to create a new username and password and pin today, sheesh). We so went over our minutes! I can’t believe it! Our bill is double what it normally is and I can’t remember ever going that far over before. Not even when Joe was in the hospital. Sprint to Sprint and nights and weekends don’t count towards our minutes. I know we’ve had a lot of other calls this month with Joe calling around trying to get a job and talking with family.

So if I don’t answer and call you back after 7, don’t take offense. I’m just trying to save a little money.


Thanks for all the comments on the last post. We are very excited. We’ve been trying to think of names and it’s just hard. At least we have about 20 weeks to decide.

I love this MasterCard commercial (I don’t know how to embed the video, so click on the link). It reminds me so much of Sai. He loves to dance and looks kind of like these kids when he does dance. Jay tries to dance like this too, but he hasn’t quite got it.

It’s a…


This picture is supposed to be a profile. I’m not very handy with our scanner so the quality could be better.

All four of us piled in the ultrasound room. I thought I was going to die because I had a full bladder, as requested, and the tech was pressing hard.

She asked the boys if they wanted a brother or a sister. Sai immediately told her he wanted a sister. And guess what.

It’s a sister.

We’re excited!

We got nine pictures but I can’t really tell what most of them are. And the angle of the screen made it hard for me to tell what was going on. So I’m a bit clueless about much of what we saw.


So I pick Sai up from school. We’re driving down the road, not our usual route home, and he sees something and starts talking about the wieners over there.


“Wiener” is the slang word we use for boy parts around here. So I really didn’t know what the junk he was talking about. I’m getting worried that there is something inappropriate going on at the side of the road or maybe something happened in school. So I ask him questions to try and get the full story.

And Sai says “Wieners. You know, Santa and the wieners.”

Oooooo….. Santa and his REINDEER! Gotcha. We drove by some of those fake light up reindeer so he was talking about them. Whew!

*** *** ***

I figured out today that we definitely can fit three car seats in the back of the truck. That’s a relief. We can go a few more years, hopefully, without buying a new vehicle.

Tomorrow is the big day. Ultrasound day. The boys want to go and see the baby. I’m not sure they’ll get what they are seeing up on the screen. When I made the appointment they said that the boys could be in there for a little while, probably long enough to see if it’s a boy or girl, then Joe will have to take them out. I’m cool with that. It’s so much different from the ultrasounds I had with the Sai and Jay. The doctors I had back in Utah would let you fill up the room with people to watch the ultrasound and put it on video for you.