We are experiencing technical difficulties. Our computer mouse has decided to give us fits. It doesn’t like to move the cursor left when you move the mouse left. At first I thought that maybe the innards were dirty, so I cleaned it out. Not fixed. Then I thought it was a mouse pad issue, like something under it or a bump in it or something that interfered with left-ward movement. Nope, still not fixed. Joe and I have decided that we are in need of a new mouse. Heck, this mouse and keyboard are older than our oldest child so maybe it is time to upgrade. To wireless mouse and keyboard. Ooooo… I found a set on sale and I’m sorely tempted to buy them.

Saturday night Joe and I took the boys out to dinner. Oh. My. It was good. For Christmas Joe had gotten a $75 gift certificate to this place called Barney Prine’s Steakhouse. We finally cashed it in. First, we called to make sure they were kid-friendly, and they are. Let me just say, I’ve been unable to sit down and eat a big meal lately (no room for my stomach with all that baby in there). I’ve just been eating small frequent things (which makes me feel like I’m snacking all day). But we show up at the restaurant and I went crazy! First we had an appetizer of baked brie with sun-dried tomatoes on garlic crostini. Then Joe had the soup of the day and I had a Caesar salad (only ate half). For our entrees Jay had chicken with potatoes and veggies, Sai had fettuccine, and Joe and I both had broiled New York steak with horse radish butter sauce (YUM) and potatoes and veggies. I ATE THE WHOLE STEAK!!! And most of my veggies and some of my potatoes. Then, when I thought I was stuffed, I fit in dessert. Bananas Foster. Mmm… Joe had Peaches Foster and the boys had vanilla ice cream. It was so good. Our bill ended up being $74.40. We couldn’t have planned it any closer if we had tried. But then it came time for a tip. Between the two of us we didn’t have enough for a tip unless we gave it to our server in quarters, dimes and nickles. So our server ran my debit card for $0.01 and then I added a tip on. It was the best–and biggest–meal that I’ve had in a long time.


1 Response to “Ugh”

  1. 1 Wende February 11, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    Ooh… a whole steak and under budget. Sounds perfect. 😀
    It was perfect!

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