Jay-ism #1

So my friend asked Jay “Are you going to have a little sister?” And what does Jay say?

“No. Sai have sister.”

I thought he understood what was going on. But maybe not.

*** *** ***

I’m ornery today. Two nights in a row of not good sleep. And I didn’t sleep well because of pregnancy aches and pains. The last two weeks I’ve slept well and I’ve been getting along with just one potty trip in the middle of the night.

No, my problem is two little boys. One who wet his bed two nights in a row (I told him I’m going to start waking him up to go potty when I get up to go). One who wants me to sleep with him. So not much sleep these past two nights.

So I’ve had a big old headache all morning. A nice long hot shower did not fix it so I’m being super lazy. Well, maybe not “super” lazy. I am washing sheets and some clothes. But I’m drawing a line at the dishes–at least for now. I plan on sitting and crafting. But first I have to run to the post office and the store and the church. *sigh*


1 Response to “Jay-ism #1”

  1. 1 Nanno March 4, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Sorry you have to run errands – but I am so excited for putting it all together.

    I hope your headache goes away – maybe a quick afternoon nap if you can get Jay to “rest” too? I loved the baby comment – I hope he (and you) survive the transition.

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