Oh sNOw.

It’s day three of Spring Break and we woke up to SNOW! I didn’t actually believe the forecast so I was a bit shocked. So far the break has been good.

Monday we took the boys to see Horton Hears a Who and out to lunch. The movie was OK. I didn’t love it and neither did Joe. But the boys sure enjoyed it. I actually was struggling to stay awake, but that could just be a pregnancy thing and not a reflection on the movie.

Yesterday we went to the library. We love the library. But I wish our town had more selection. After that Joe went fishing so the boys did some water color painting. Jay painted snakes and Sai painted himself, a rainbow, a crab, and some other stuff.

Today, despite the snow, we are going swimming. There is a town less than an hour away that just opened a new indoor aquatic center. My friend took her kids a few weeks ago and said that it was amazing and a good place to take the kids. So we are heading up there soon.

Don’t know what we will do with the rest of the week! I’m sure we’ll find something.


1 Response to “Oh sNOw.”

  1. 1 sadira March 26, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Enjoy the swimming! I’m sorry to hear about Horton, I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan, but I hate it when they try to be too over the top when putting the books into move format…it’s annoying.
    The movie wasn’t terrible. I think they just have a hard time expanding a short book into a feature length film. Who knows, you may love it! And the swimming was great. The boys LOVED it. I liked it too.

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