Just Stuff

36 Week Bump

I’ll start with this. My 36 week bump. My face looks fuzzy and I think it’s because I was laughing. I was laughing because this is what was going on while Joe was taking pictures…

Joe: Chin up.

Joe: Shoulders back.

Me: Boobs out? Ha ha.

When I look at this picture my stomach doesn’t look as big as it looks when I look in the mirror. Maybe I just think I look bigger than I am. All I know is that I’m ready. I’m tired of being uncomfortable and getting kicked in the ribs and being tired all the time.

I think we are about as ready as can be. Joe moved Jay’s bed into Sai’s room yesterday. He says they may as well get used to sharing. It looks a little crowded, but they loved it!

Room Share

They spend a lot of time jumping back and forth from one bed to another. Or putting the pillows across the space between the two beds and hiding under it. So for now the novelty of sharing a room is great. Maybe they’ll be ready for bunkbeds soon and things will be less crowded. Oh, and Jay has slept all night in his bed without waking three out of the last seven nights. It’s a miracle! I’ve had such stress over him and his sleeping and now he is finally sleeping through the night. YAY!

Jay’s old room looks like this now.

Baby Stuff

It’s full of the boys’ toys, car seat/stroller, bassinet, and other baby items. It’s good because the baby stuff was crowding up my room. Once Jay’s room was empty I transferred it. Then Joe and I put together the carseat/stroller and bassinet. I’m feeling good and ready now!

And lastly. This made me smile so big!

I been good

Sai had a rough first part of the week. We thought that maybe it was getting back into the groove after Spring Break plus having a substitute from now till June since his teach is out on maternity leave. He was being a little bit naughty at school. Thursday and Friday he was good and brought home green cards. Yesterday Sai wrote this note. It says:

Sai loves Mom and Dad. I been good at school.

He does a pretty good job at guessing how to spell words. Under the words are check marks. At school, when he writes sentences the teacher puts a check mark under the words he spells correctly. So Sai figured that he spelled all of these word right. Isn’t it so cute? I don’t remember being this advanced when I was in Kindergarten. He’s so stinking smart! When I read to him at night he even helps me read. Sure, it takes longer to read a book, but he helps!

WordPress users: Are you liking the new dashboard? I’m not. 😦 What happened to my spell check? I’m a terrible speller and now I don’t have a button for it any more. And I can’t edit comments. Maybe it’ll grow on me but for now, not so much.


4 Responses to “Just Stuff”

  1. 1 Mary April 6, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Love the belly! As far as the new Dashboard goes, I like it. I use Firefox and that checks my spelling no matter where I am, so I have never used the spellcheck in WordPress.

  2. 2 sadira April 7, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    You are looking darned thin for being at the end girl!!

    I hope the boys enjoy each other more as time goes on…and the sleeping sticks. No use having more than one of your kids up during the night eh?

    And, that by is too smart! I would be in trouble if I didn’t have spell check, I can tell you that…and from what I hear, some of the WordPress changes haven’t been that great…ugh. I hate having to “re-learn” new and “improved” things.

  3. 3 lera April 8, 2008 at 4:51 am

    You say you’re ready to have the baby so you won’t be tired all the time? Are you forgetting that a newborn is tiring, too? 🙂

    I could totally read Sai’s note. I guess I have a few boys who have spelled similarly in the past (and present).

  4. 4 Wende April 8, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    You look so cute! I love that top. I didn’t get to 36 weeks.

    The note, oh my. I’m glad he’s being good at school 😀

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