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That’s me today.

Weekend Adventures

Joe and I are trying to do fun stuff with the kids every weekend. Last weekend was the water fall (which was on fire this weekend). Friday night I suggested going to Cascade Springs on the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway.

We had a really good time. We drove up Provo Canyon past Sundance to get there. The boys hiked around on their own, for the most part. And I had Sophie in the front pack. We took lots of pictures on our digital camera but can’t find the cord to put them on a computer. So here are a few I took with my phone.

Joe and Jay were checking out bugs living under rocks in the stream.

Cascade Springs 1

Sophie hanging out with me in the shade while the guys played in the stream. She is a HUGE slobber girl. And isn’t that just a cute pink and white bucket hat?

Cascade springs 2

We finished the loop on the way home and came out American Fork Canyon. It was such a pretty drive. I want to do it again this fall when the leaves are all red and orange.

On the way home Sai said he wants to go swimming. And what a great idea that was! It was a hot day – over 100 — so swimming sounded refreshing. We left Sophie with my sister Tracy and went to Seven Peaks Water Park. I have always loved Seven Peaks–it was my summer job during my high school years. The boys had a blast. Sai is a little fish! And thanks to SPF 50 none of us got sunburned. (OK, I got sunburned at Cascade Springs but not at the water park. My scalp is killing me. It was so fun to blow dry my hair this morning. And I’m going to look all dandruff-y when it peels off.)

So we had a really good Saturday. I woke up Sunday with sore calves. They are still sore today.

Yesterday Sophie found her toes. Here she is eating them.

Sophie toes

She finally laughed out loud. She did it in her sleep a few nights ago. But yesterday Jay was playing with her and she laughed at him. I’m so jealous! At least she loves her brothers.

Bridal Veil Falls, Provo, UT

Bridal Veil Falls, Provo, UT 7/19/2008

Saturday we took the kids to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. The water was COLD but clean and clear. It was a hot day but having our feet in the cold water kept us cool.

The boys had fun building a little dam and splashing. Sai started climbing up the falls–he just took off without Joe or me. Joe caught up to him and got him to come back down. Jay got pretty soaked. And Sophie didn’t like the cold water. She made the funniest faces when Joe and I would put her little feet in the water.

We told the boys we would take them back. i want to buy them some Keene-type sandals before we go again.

Oh My Cute Kids

(This post was written and supposed to be posted yesterday. I don’t know what happened! I was trying to figure it out last night on my phone but it wasn’t easy–my phone internet is fast, but not fast enough for my patience last night.)

I have some cute pictures to share. I didn’t get any of Jay–I feel bad about that. But here are some of Sai and Sophie.

Sophie is way into using her hands. (She was trying to attack my phone when i was using it while holding her. Is that a sign of phone usage to come 🙂 ???) Last night Joe put her on the couch with me while I was folding laundry. She got so excited!

Sophie Laundry Helper 2

She was REALLY getting into it. Grabbing the boys’ clothes and flapping them around. So silly.

Sophie Laundry Helper 1

Our babysitter, Cousin Felesha, brought her theater makeup over today. She painted Sai up like a monkey.

Monkey Sai

Still no sewing going on here. I ran out of time last night. I didn’t even have time to watch SYTYCD or Project Runway. Thank heavens for DVRs.

I Know, I Should be Working

Yes, I should be working right now. But there’s only a half hour left in the day and the last two hours have been crazy! So I’m justifying blogging at work.

I’ve been wanting to get my sewing machine out and sew. I just feel like if I did that in the evenings when I get home from work that I’d be ignoring my family that I’ve been away from all day. Plus, Joe usually goes to the library to study after dinner.

So whenever I can carve out some sewing time, and not feel guilty about it, here are some projects I want to try.

I want to make this thread catcher for my sewing machine. Maybe I would be less messy when I sew. Yeah, right!

I’ve been wanting some cute new summery skirts. I saw this skirt tutorial. It looks so easy and not expensive to do, unless you pick expensive fabric. And I saw a girl wearing a similar style skirt and she had a small bias tape hem. Hmmm.. that would be cute but do I have the patience for that? I don’t have a serger so that’s an option for hemming.

And then I felt like I was having a bad hair day this morning. I just got my hair cut over the weekend. Took about 4 inches off. (Thanks Felicia. But I think I want more bangs than the swoop bangs.) But anyway, I was thinking it would have been a good day for a headband. So I found this headband tutorial and this headband tutorial and this headband tutorial.

(WHOOPS! One of the developers came over and caught me blogging. 🙂 Oh well.)

I have enough fabric at my sister’s to make the thread catcher or headbands. But any big length of material that I have is in storage and I’m not sure I have anything over 1 yard. Possible excuse to go shopping?

And I want to try to make a dress for Sophie. Any suggestions for a good baby dress pattern? She’s about a three month size (24″ long and 12+ lbs).

Also, I was trying to find something in my comments the other day and figured out how to edit comments. YAY! I like to edit them. It will be fun to start doing it again.

And now it’s time to go home. YAY!

I Tried

Sai's hair mosaic

Sai wanted a mohawk. I tried. He’s happy with it. I think the sides are too short. And I’m wondering how long it will last. Maybe Aunt Felicia can fix it up this weekend.

Recycled Phone Numbers…

…Are giving me a headache!

After we moved to Utah we went to the Sprint store and got local numbers. I was glad to get an 801 number instead of the new area code. But I didn’t realize that I got an 801 number because I got a recycled phone number. You would think it wouldn’t be a problem but Terry, former owner of my new number, didn’t tell people her new number.

So I get a few calls a week from people looking for Terry. I’m nice about it and say they have the wrong number. Yes, it used to be Terry’s but it no longer is. But it turns into a headache when people call the number twice because they don’t believe. Example:

Get a call from a number in Hawaii. Caller asks for Terry I say wrong number. Caller recites phone number. Yup, that’s the number you called. Hang up. Less than two minutes later (I checked my call log so I know it was only two minutes) the same caller calls. As soon as I answer the caller breaks into “Terry, blah blah blah…” and I have to break in and say still wrong number. That happened again with a caller from Iowa.

I feel like changing my voice mail greeting to “You have reached 801-555-5555. This is no longer Terry’s phone. If you are not calling for Terry please leave a message.” And then all the numbers I don’t recognize I would let go to voice mail. That should alleviate my headache, right?