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Roll To Me

Sophie started rolling over yesterday! She does back to front really well but gets mad when her arm gets trapped underneath her chest. She was a little trick monkey doing it over and over yesterday. She only rolled front to back once.

More Time

I need more time. Time for the fun and crafty side of live. *sigh* I don’t have the time to sit and look at all the fun blogs I love. And I don’t have time to relax with sewing/crafting projects. *sigh* This morning at work I snuck in a few minutes of catching up on some of my favorite blogs (I have over 2000 posts sitting in my bloglines. I’m never going to get to them and worry about all the cool ideas I’m going to miss.) But I found something that I want to do. I want to do this. I don’t know who would love it more–Jay or me. I’m such a dork!

I just can’t figure out how to fit sewing and crafting in. I get up 7, get myself and Sai ready for the day. We leave at 8:05 or 8:10 and I drop him off at school and get to work no later than 8:30. Then I’m at work till 5:00 (my boss is letting me just take half hour lunches to make up for coming in late). I get home cook and/or eat dinner. Spend time with Joe and the kids. Try to get the boys in bed by 8:30 (this week’s goal). Then I’m tired! I just want to take a shower and relax and spend time with Joe and Sophie. And then on the weekends I feel like I need to spend time with Joe and the kids to make up for the time I spent at work. I’m tyring to figure out where to fit some sewing time in.

Mommie’s Girl

Material Girl

Sophie is such a Mommie’s Girl. For many reasons. Like over the weekend at the family reunion she got passed around but at one point she saw me and cried until I picked her up. Oh she loves me!

Anyway… Last night we were at my parents and my sister Nann (holding Sophie here) had some fabric she ordered from Fatquarter Shop for my sister Tracy. Sophie saw it and just had to play with it. She wouldn’t let it go. She was drooling all over it (luckily it was in a plastic bag).

She’s so my girl. In love with fabric at such a young age.

And This Is What He Looked Like

Sai 1st Grade

This is what Sai looked like on his first day of school. What a goofy face! I like his natural smile much better than this posed one. He had a good first day. He couldn’t remember the names of any kids in his class and didn’t play with them. He played with his friend from the neighborhood, though. He has a maximum of 20 minutes of homework a night, 15 of which is supposed to be reading. I guess we better be heading to the library soon!

Jay was awake this morning when Sai and I left. Oh how he cried! I felt so bad for him! I made a compromise, though. Usually when the babysitter is over they get to play Nintendo or PlayStation but not until AFTER they eat breakfast. I told him he could play for a half hour before breakfast. That made him stop crying.

One thing I really like about getting back to school is getting the kids to bed early! It means I don’t get to spend as much time with them a day as I would like, however, I have more time to relax without them running around and yelling and playing. Ideally 8:00 bed time is best. I’m shooting for 8:30 this week. Last night the boys were in bed by 8:45. We’re working on it. Sai was pretty tired last night and had huge dark circles under his eyes.

Tie Dye

Over the weekend I had a family reunion. The reunion was at a campground and people stayed from Friday to Sunday. Joe, the kids and I went for most of the day on Saturday. (You can read more about the reunion here on my sister’s page.)

Joe went on a hike. He took some cool pictures that maybe he’ll post one day. It was a serious hike and not one the kids and I would have been able to do. While Joe hiked the boys and I made tie dye t-shirts. Actually, I did the work and the boys watched and told me what color they wanted. I tried to make a heart on Sophie’s. It turned out pretty well but you can’t really see it in this picture.

Tie dye Sai

Tie de Jay

Tie dye Sophie
Sophie (She didn’t get to wear hers until it got washed)

We had a lot of fun making the shirts. I want to do it again with the kids, maybe with Joe’s family this time.

The rest of the reunion was nice. I saw cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven’t seen in years. I think we’ll go again next year. And who knows, maybe we’ll actually camp! (Don’t hold me to it, though. I’m not a roughing it type of gal.)

Fisrt Day of First Grade

Today is Sai’s first day of first grade in a new school. Wow!

(Yes I took a picture but it’s on our regular camera, not my phone, so I have to figure out how to post it since we don’t have high speed at home right now. Stay tuned…)

Sunday night Sai helped me pick out his clothes to wear today. And his new shoes that he’s been dying to wear. We also put out the non-perishable part of his lunch.

Sai woke up this morning without Joe or me prodding him. He was happy and excited. He ate breakfast while I made the rest of his lunch (and lunch for me too). Joe was talking about how he’ll remember this day in the future. Then Sai looks at me and says “Are you going to cry , Mom?” What a turkey (and no, I didn’t cry). Then he got dressed while I finished getting ready. I took one picture of him all decked out with his lunch and backpack and new shoes.

School starts at 8:20 and the plan was to be there by 8:15 so Sai could play outside then line up with his classmates at 8:20 and walk in with his teacher. Didn’t happen. It could have but Sophie had a HUGE blowout (almost zero poop in the diaper, it was all over her PJs and her bouncer seat) and I couldn’t leave it all up to the baby sitter to take care of. I was the one who touched the poop to get Sophie undressed (no gagging, even, I was in too much of a hurry) and put the PJs and bouncy seat cover in the washer.

We rushed off to school and heard the bells ring while we were trying to find a parking spot. Then we walked to his class. I reminded Sai which doors to walk out to meet Joe after school and then passed him off to his teacher. I wanted to get a picture with him and Mrs. W but didn’t have time because she had to get class started.

Wow. I can’t believe he’s in first grade already. He’s such a big boy! He was ready for school to start–the past week or two he’s been an ornery little man. So I’m sure with school to help occupy him he’ll be happier.

Now I’m worried that Jay will not have a good day. Last night he told me he was going to miss Sai. It made me so sad for him. But I’m sure Felesha and Sophie will keep him entertained today.

Back to School

It took a collaborative effort but we finally got Sai registered for 1st grade. WHEW! Last night was back to school night. We went to the school and met his teacher, Mrs. W.  (And I forgot to take the camera!!)

Sai’s class room is pretty cool. There are little desks for each child with their name on them. Sai sat at his desk and his teacher asked him to draw a picture of himself sitting at his desk and also to write his name. My kid did AWESOME! And guess who sits next to Sai — J.Lo. At least the 1st grade in Utah version.

His school is pretty big. We walked around and found the lunch room and music room and saw the classes for the higher grades. We showed him where to go after school so Joe can pick him up.

The crazy thing is that the school day is much shorter here than in Oregon. Last year he went to school 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This year he goes 8:20 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. I’ll drop him off every morning (luckily my boss is understanding and OK with me getting in to work at 8:30 a.m.) and Joe will pick him after school. I’m worried about when Joe’s classes don’t get out until 3:00 p.m. I’ll probably have to postpone my lunch until 2:30 and then go pick him up. But we’ll deal with that when it happens.

I think Jay is feeling a little sad. He went with us to back to school and he didn’t get a desk and he didn’t get a bag with supplies. He seemed kind of sad to me. Driving home we passed the church so he started talking about his class at church (nursery). It will take some adjusting for him when Sai starts school. And once Sophie is more mobile I’m sure he’ll have a lot more fun with her.

Sophie is growing like crazy! And getting so smart! She laughs. Oh so sweet. All the boys, Joe and Sai and Jay, were able to laugh but she hadn’t done it for me. I was feeling bad. So she was laying on my bad and I was playing with her and asked “Why don’t you laugh for me?” and she started laughing! She knows how to make her mom happy. Sophie’s also trying to figure out how to clap. When you do it she stares at your hands then she brings her hands together. I tell her YAY and she smiles big. I also think that she puts her arms up when she wants you to pick her up. Joe thinks that she just gets excited and waves her arms. I like my version better.

We are headed off to a family reunion tomorrow, my dad’s family. So hopefully we’ll have some fun pictures to show for it.