I Win Again!

I was all psyched this morning when my new business cards showed up. But lunch sure trumped that one.

I work in the IT department for my company (does that make me sound smart or nerdy?). Today was the annual IT BBQ. You get raffle tickets for showing up and raffle tickets for bringing food. I bought a potato salad for $4.55 and got two raffle tickets. (Man, that was $4.55 well spent!)

So the drawing starts. And they get down to the last prize.

And they call my number!

I win again!

Yes. I won and iPhone 3G 8GB.


It’s so cool. The part that sucks, though, is that I have Sprint and only AT&T do iPhones. Right? I’m going to research how much it would be to activate and what the monthly cost would be. I had someone offer me $150 for it. But then another coworker said that I could probably sell it on KSL classifieds or eBay for at least $500.

What to do…


5 Responses to “I Win Again!”

  1. 1 Carrie August 6, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    WOW — how exciting. What a cool phone. You have been lucky at drawings lately. Geez, it makes the $50 gift certificate I won at work look lame. Wait — it was lame because you had to spend it in the company store.
    It is cool but sadly, I will part with it. I can’t justify either canceling my current phone and paying the fee or adding a new plan and paying for two. Luckily I found a guy on Craig’s list who is going to pay me $500 cash. YAY! BONUS! I could be me an iPod now, if I wanted. Or pay bills (boo!)

  2. 2 minivanlife August 7, 2008 at 3:59 am

    Good golly! What a lucky day you had! Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket and see if your luck is still running lol?
    No kidding! Too bad there’s no lottery around here.

  3. 3 sadira August 7, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    My my my!! Congratulations, and yes, only AT&T do iPhones…Rich and I drool massively over them a lot, but where we live? It’s Verizon or you suffer major dropped calls and bad service…


    I am super excited for you though!!
    So I just got back from *gasp* selling it. I just couldn’t justify the expense! I just renewed my phone plan and upgraded my phone (Palm Centro, which I love). So now I’m $500 richer. I think I might go and buy Joe and me iPods this weekend–belated b-day for me and early b-day for Joe.

    I hope you get AT&T service soon so you can buy an iPhone and be all gadgety and cool! Not that you aren’t already cool. 😉


  4. 4 Blissy August 8, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    How fun Kathy! And way to go finding a buyer so quickly! You are one lucky chicca!
    Yeah, I think I was pretty lucky to find a buyer. Especially one who was willing to pay so much! As soon as I won it there was some guy from the NOC offering me $150. WHATEVER!!!

    Are we getting together for lunch soon?


  5. 5 lera August 9, 2008 at 10:41 am

    WOW!! It should would be nice to sell it on ebay and have a chunk of money saved for Christmas! (I’m practical like that.)
    Save it for Christmas, pshaw! That would have been nice. I gues it was just burning holes in our pockets! 🙂

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