Fisrt Day of First Grade

Today is Sai’s first day of first grade in a new school. Wow!

(Yes I took a picture but it’s on our regular camera, not my phone, so I have to figure out how to post it since we don’t have high speed at home right now. Stay tuned…)

Sunday night Sai helped me pick out his clothes to wear today. And his new shoes that he’s been dying to wear. We also put out the non-perishable part of his lunch.

Sai woke up this morning without Joe or me prodding him. He was happy and excited. He ate breakfast while I made the rest of his lunch (and lunch for me too). Joe was talking about how he’ll remember this day in the future. Then Sai looks at me and says “Are you going to cry , Mom?” What a turkey (and no, I didn’t cry). Then he got dressed while I finished getting ready. I took one picture of him all decked out with his lunch and backpack and new shoes.

School starts at 8:20 and the plan was to be there by 8:15 so Sai could play outside then line up with his classmates at 8:20 and walk in with his teacher. Didn’t happen. It could have but Sophie had a HUGE blowout (almost zero poop in the diaper, it was all over her PJs and her bouncer seat) and I couldn’t leave it all up to the baby sitter to take care of. I was the one who touched the poop to get Sophie undressed (no gagging, even, I was in too much of a hurry) and put the PJs and bouncy seat cover in the washer.

We rushed off to school and heard the bells ring while we were trying to find a parking spot. Then we walked to his class. I reminded Sai which doors to walk out to meet Joe after school and then passed him off to his teacher. I wanted to get a picture with him and Mrs. W but didn’t have time because she had to get class started.

Wow. I can’t believe he’s in first grade already. He’s such a big boy! He was ready for school to start–the past week or two he’s been an ornery little man. So I’m sure with school to help occupy him he’ll be happier.

Now I’m worried that Jay will not have a good day. Last night he told me he was going to miss Sai. It made me so sad for him. But I’m sure Felesha and Sophie will keep him entertained today.


2 Responses to “Fisrt Day of First Grade”

  1. 1 JasonW August 18, 2008 at 9:34 am

    I love that Joe was telling him how he’ll remember this day in the future. I was actually at Joe’s (and my) alma mater, Grovecrest, on Friday with Emmalee, and couldn’t help but think of some of the old days running around those halls and playground with Joe and Greg…
    I can picture the three of you running around that school! What grade is Emmalee in now?

  2. 2 sadira August 18, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Goodness…I hope he has a great first day! I’m sorry things had to start out that way, in the explosion department…ridiculous isn’t it? It probably could have been any other day and you would have had a spare few minutes…ahhhh! Nothing like rushing around..
    I told Joe to have Sai call me. He didn’t want to talk but once he was on the phone we had a nice little chat. He’s such a social kid that I knew he would have a great day at school. So here’s hoping tomorrow starts out better so we can get to school on time!

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