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The Yuck

The Yuck has been going around our house. Sai had it first on Sunday night–we kept him home from school on Monday. I left work early yesterday with it. (Feeling much better now. In fact, I’m eating breakfast, yum.) And now Joe has it, but he can’t skip school.

I’m waiting for it to hit Jay and Sophie. Neither of which will be fun. I really hope that they don’t get it. Besides, tomorrow is my company’s summer party at Lagoon. I really don’t want to miss it. I think the boys will have tons of fun. Sophie is staying with her aunts. She is too cool for roller coasters.

I Love My Kids

Lot’s of pictures of my kids to share. Some are from my phone so the quality isn’t so great.

We’ve started feeding Sophie cereal. She likes it. And she’s messy. I don’t have any bibs for her. (I have them partially cut out and need to finish sewing them up.) And look at that ear! her left ear sure sticks out. Some day she’ll have long hair to cover it up.

Sophie eating cereal R

Sophie eating cereal 1

 Then we took the kids to the mall on Saturday. We got ice cream. The boys picked out blue bubblegum ice cream. First is Jay with his lovely blue tongue.

Jay blue tongue

Then Sai with his blue tongue.

Sai blue tongue

And we also went to Joe’s parents. The kids, all three of them, were trying on scary Halloween masks. Here’s Jay in an alien mask.

Scary Jay

And Sai in a soccer ball mask.

Scary Sai

And Sophie with a crazy wig. This reminds me of ET for some reason.

Scary Sophie

Red Eye

Red Eye

I don’t know what the deal is. I went to bed last night all fine. Woke up with a red eye this morning. No itching, no watering, no goo. I wore my glasses – no way was I going to try and put a contact in there. (My boss says it makes me look smart. Hmmm…)

I can’t figure out what it is and it’s not going away. I looked it up on the web and some possible causes are eye injury, allergic reaction, indoor allergens, etc., etc., etc. My favorite is sleep deprivation. I’ll go with that one. Especially since I look like I have dark circles in that picture.

(Is it me or does the picture make my eye look more hazel/green than brown? Camera phone quality issues or something!)

Labor Day Weekend…

It went by in a blur. Not that we were running busily every waking minute. It just seems that long holiday weekends always go by too fast (any weekend, really).

Sophie worked on rolling over. Here she is on her tummy. She’s such a cute girl!

Sophie on her tummy

I need to get a picture of her doing her pilates. When you lay Sophie down she will not let her head and feet rests. She keeps them up off the ground. Maybe in hopes that she’ll either sit herself up or that you’ll reconsider putting her down.

Friday night Joe took the boys to a Real Salt Lake game. My sister Tracy and I (and Sophie) stayed home to sew. Over Friday and Saturday I made two bags. They are based on Monica’s pattern in the most recent BHG Quilts and More magazine. The pattern calls for larger amounts of fabric. I made the same bag with 5 fat quarters, ‘cuz that’s what’s in my stash. I cut the lining for the pocket 1/4″ larger so it has a piping effect. I also made the straps longer so it’s easier to throw it over my shoulder. I think they turned out cute. The blue one is my new purse.

Two purses

We had rain over the weekend. I had left the windows on my car cracked a bit. Yeah. My rear was damp this morning when I got to work. I love the rain, though, so no big deal. And Saturday we took the kids to see the newest Indiana Jones movie. I liked it. I don’t think Joe liked it so well. The boys loved it! They want to be Indy for Halloween. (The boys want Sophie to be the Hulk. WHAT?! I finally get a girl. I want her to be a princess or something cute. Not the green hulk!)