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What I Did Today

What I did today

Halloween Preview

The kids went to a Halloween party at Grandma M’s over the weekend. Here’s a preview of them in their costumes.

Clone Trooper Sai is holding Punk Princess Sophie and Bobba Fett Jay is holding a light sabre (guess he wants to be a Jedi or mom was too cheap to buy a ‘shooting gun’).
Halloween preview

Close up of Sophie “Punk Princess”.
Punk Princess

I’m Slacking Again

I’ve been slacking at posting here lately. I’ve got an excuse: I’ve been busy!

Since we moved back to Utah we’ve been staying with my sister Tracy. We’ve been apartment hunting. It’s hard to find what we want in our price range. Last Thursday we found one and started moving in on Friday. The weekend flew by with all the cleaning, unpacking, and general moving stuff.

We had offered to paint our apartment if the landlord would pay for supplies. And now it’s become more urgent because we’re going to get new carpet. (Persistent urine odor, yuck, and I think the carpet is even older than me. I will not walk on it in bare feet even though it has been cleaned. I’m guessing that makes me a little neurotic.) I’ll gladly paint to get new carpet.

So we are going to be busy for a while. But it’s nice to have three bedrooms. Now if only Sophie would sleep in her crib for more than a few hours a night.

And I love how Jay calls it “My little home.” Ohhh…. so sweet.


My niece Tiffany was in town over the weekend. She took pictures of my kids. And I must say, WOW! I think she did a great job. She just let the kids be themselves and snapped away (unlike going to a studio where they will only do a set number and oh well if your kids are grumpy). Jay was awfully grumpy because he wanted to go watch Star Wars (speaking of Star Wars, check out their shirts). Luckily Tiffany caught some really cute ones of them all. Here are a few of them.

Sai 6

Jay 6

Boys 2
Jay and Sai (I love Jays ‘tude in this one!)

Three kids 2
My Three kids: Jay, Sai and Sophie

Sophie 8

Kathy Sophie 6
Sophie and me

I wish Joe would have gone with us so we could have gotten a family picture. Oh well.

She’s Growing So Quickly!

Happy Sophie

Next Tuesday Sophie will be six months old!!! I can’t believe it! She’s such a cute thing. She’s pretty tall and solid and fits well into clothes size 9 months. YIKES! 6 month size still fits OK, but the 9 month fits best.

This weekend she mastered the army crawl. It’s fun to watch her go after something she wants. And so far she hasn’t gotten tired of the game of putting something out of her reach to watch her go after it. Sophie also likes to jump. Jump jump jump!

And I have to tell this story (sorry Mom). Last Monday my mom watched Jay and Sophie while Joe volunteered at Sai’s school. When Joe went to pick up the kids my mom changed Sophie’s diaper then lifted her up above her head to talk to her. Sophie froped all over my mom! In her mouth! All down her face and clothes. Mom said that it did not taste good. My mom said that after 8 kids (and I’ll add 22 grand kids, 5 great grand kids) Sophie is the first one to do that to her. When Joe told me the story I laughed so hard! Good aim Sophie.

Not Much

Sorry, not much going on around here. But you have to go read what Sai said one day. I was at work and Joe was home from school and he overheard Sai say this. That kid!

Jay’s doing well. We’ve got him pooping in the toilet! YAY!!!

Sophie is doin well, also. Although she froped all over my mom and got her in the mouth. Again, I was at work and did not witness this but I was laughing hysterically when Joe told me (Sorry Mom). I did call my mom later to make sure she was OK.

I’ve been making a “punk princess” costume for Sophie. Black leggins and pink tutu. No pictures because my phone died! I just need to figure out some sort of top for her.

Yeah, phone died. It’s a Palm Centro and went in this endless hotsync loop and died. I read online that this appearantly happens to a lot of Centros. I took it to Sprint and they couldn’t fix it. So they gave me a brand spankin’ new phone. I charged and hotsynced last night so I’m only missing a little bit of data (like the balance on Sai’s lunch card). But it’s not tragic. It would be tragic if they wouldn’t have replaced it for free.