Rugby Anyone?

Joe has liked rugby for quite a while. He watches it on tv and I sometimes pay attention. He tries to tell me about it but I don’t really know much about the game. Saturday night the US Mens rugby team played Uruguay in Salt Lake. Joe really wanted to go but no one would go with him. So I went. It was a lot of fun.

First of all, the new Rio Tinto stadium for Real Salt Lake soccer is Nice! The bathrooms were very nice which is a plus, especially for females. Our tickets were on the front row right on the goal line. (My lack of rugby knowledge is probably showing through, so forgive me.) The first half of the game most of the action was down on the other end. The second half of the game all the action was on our end. The USA scored a lot down there. And they won. It was awesome! I’m very impressed with rugby players.

Rugby 3
Joe showing how close we were to the goal.

Rugby 12
Right after the USA scored in front of us.

It was cold… there was snow just off the field right below our seats, like the field had been shoveled but the snow hadn’t melted yet. Well, at first it was warm and I was sitting there without a coat on. Then it got cold and I had the coat on and zipped up. Then my torso was warm but my legs were cold.

I’m trying to decide if I want to go with Joe to the RSL playoff game on Saturday night. It’ll be a lot colder then. But it would be a very exciting game. Hmm…


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