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Bad Me

I’m a horrible, horrible aunt.

Seriously horrible.

My nephew Jon got married Monday.

And where was I?

Not there.

In my defense…The invitation was on the fridge mixed in with the Christmas cards so it all blended together. I missed the phone call from one sister and text from another sister because of my dinner disaster (burned the French bread pizzas, destroyed the brownies, shattered a bottle of pasta sauce on the floor).

Sorry Jonny! But congrats to you and Bekkah!


I Hate Snow

I’m busily working away in my little cubical. I got up to stretch and look out the window. YIKES! I hate snow!!! But the trees do look pretty.

Snow from the 6th floor

Partied Out

Over the weekend we had my family Christmas party and Joe’s family Christmas party. I forgot the camera when we went to my family party. I should have taken pictures of just how many people were there! My sister said that there were 45 people! One of my nieces was at a school dance. Her dad instigated all of us texting her. I think she got over a hundred texts in less than 5 minutes from us all. I guess that’s what you get for skipping out on the family party!

I made sure to take the camera to Joe’s family party because we knew there would be a special visitor. All three of my kids sat on Santa’s lap. I was surprised that Jay and Sophie did it. Sophie just wanted Santa’s bells. The funniest part was how Sai reacted. He was slapping his knee and shaking his head. I’m wondering if he had doubts about Santa. And when Santa left he was peeking out the window and reported that Santa drove away in a truck.

Sophie and Santa
Sophie and Santa

Jay and Santa
Jay and Santa

Sai and Santa
Sai and Santa

Kathy and Santa
Santa and me

Joe and Santa
Joe and Santa

Here are some other pictures from the weekend. We found that Sophie really likes Cheetos.


Sophie Loves Cheetos 1

Really, really likes Cheetos.

Sophie loves Cheetos 2

And cookies. She was sitting on my lap. I had eaten half of my cookie and was talking to someone and Sophie took advantage of my distraction and took my cookie.

Sophie stole Mom's cookie


That was a good cookie

Thank goodness for stain spray. I got all the orange and chocolate out without any problem!

(Look at her pink cheeks! She has them all the time. I can’t figure out what is causing it. She gets mad when I lotion her up. Any ideas??)

Today’s Activities

My team at work has been having an activity each week in December to help us celebrate Christmas. The first week we went to the movies. Last week was a donut eating contest (how quickly you could eat two donuts). This week we picked careers for our team members that they would be doing if not in their current job. There was a lot of laughter when we read the results.  Here are the careers my coworkers picked for me:

·         She will win the $100 million lottery and won’t need to work

·         Should be an author of mystery novels.

·         Furniture tester

·         Executive Chef

·         Victorian era romance novelist

·         Elementary school teacher

·         Phlebotomist

·         National Arbor Day foundation board of directors secretary

·         Novel Author


As soon as the first one was read I said “It’s me! I’m lucky!” It seems that a few of them think I should be a writer. I’m not opposed to that. But I don’t think I’m that creative.


In other news… S N O W


I guess I should not live in a cold mountainous state if I don’t like snow. This morning was not good. We live at the base of a mountain and have a super steep driveway that exits onto a highway. It was scary going down the driveway today. There was some sliding. (Babysitter couldn’t get up the driveway and had to park on the side of the road and walk up.) The roads were terrible! It usually takes me less than 10 minutes to take Sai to school. Today it took 40 minutes. Not fun. I take the freeway, and once I was on the freeway I thought, what am I doing? The exit I usually take is a big circle and I could just picture me sliding off the road. So I took the exit before and went back roads to Sai’s school, which is why it took so long. Then Sai was worried. He thought I was mad at him for being late to school. I told him we were late because it was so snowy and we couldn’t drive as fast as we normally do.


Another Lucky Strike!

I work for an awesomely amazing company. Last night they had their Christmas party. It was the funnest work Christmas party I’ve ever attended (and I worked for this company for over nine years previously).

They always give out amazing prizes to randomly selected employees. This year’s grandprize was a 73″ flat screen tv!!! No, I didn’t win the TV.

They gave out other bonuses and prizes to all employees. Then this morning we all met at Costco. Everyone got $100 gift card to spend. I used mine to buy formula. I know, exciting! But two months worth of formula really is exciting to me!

They also drew names for people to participate in a cash and dash. The cash and dash is where the lucky contestants get five minutes to get anything they want in the store, except gift cards, which equal $250 or less. I was a lucky contestant!!! I didn’t want to go over so I played it safe. I got a Blu-Ray player for $238! It’s what Joe wanted for Christmas. WAHOO!!!

Another lucky strike


Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

This is Pilgrim Sai from his Thanksgiving program at school. (Joe volunteers in Sai’s class every Friday and he cut out all of the collars for the kids. Whew! Also, Joe is one of the volunteers of the month at Sai’s school. The other one was my sister-in-law, Rhonda.)

Sai @ Thanksgiving

 Sophie wanted to play games with the boys. She doesn’t realize that they are playing PS2 and she’s got a GameCube controller.

Sophie plays too - 1

I think she was watching her brothers trying to figure out what to do.

Sophie plays too - 2

Here I am with Sophie. We were trying to see how close in color our hair is. The lighting in our kitchen makes our hair look really similar.

Sophie and me

And pictures from Temple Square this weekend.

Temple Square - 1

Temple Square - 2


Temple Square - 3

A Good Weekend

Wednesday night, after the new carpet was all in *sigh*, we put up the Christmas tree and decorated. While we did that we watch the classic Rudolph. Later that night, as we were getting the boys to bed I over hear this:

Sai: Jay, now do you believe in Santa?
Jay: Yes!

Which I found quite amusing. Jay is catching on to all of the Christmas things this year.

Friday night we were driving around and saw lots of Christmas lights. My sweet little Jay pipes up from the back seat and says, with great excitement, “Look at all the Christmas trick-or-treats!” Sai corrected him and told him that they were Christmas decorations.

Saturday night we went to Temple Square to see the lights. I thought it would be a good time to go…no snow or ice and really not thatcold. We left home about the time I wanted to arrive there. Whoops. There was tons of traffic in downtown SLC so it took quite a while to get to Temple Square. And then parking… We ended up parking in the avenues to the east of Temple Square and walking. Joe had Sophie strapped to him in her carrier, which after this weekend we’ve determined she is too big for it. Jay didn’t want to walk so I ended up with him on my shoulders (thank goodness no ice!!!). There were sooo many people there. More than I can remember from my childhood. I guess a lot of people wanted to take advantage of the good weather as well. We walked around for a while and enjoyed the lights. Then we had to walk back up to the truck. I think Sai was jealous that he wasn’t being held and he kept saying his leg hurt. Jay would only walk for short distances, so I carried him on my shoulders most of the way. It was quite the work out, my calves are still sore! Sophie enjoyed the lights and the cold didn’t seem to bother her. But as soon as we put her back in the car seat… Wow! She cried and cried and cried till she fell asleep. She kept looking up at me while she cried and I felt so guilty, but it’s better to listen to her cry in her car seat than to hold her while we drive.

Joe took some awesome pictures which I’ll have to post later.