Partied Out

Over the weekend we had my family Christmas party and Joe’s family Christmas party. I forgot the camera when we went to my family party. I should have taken pictures of just how many people were there! My sister said that there were 45 people! One of my nieces was at a school dance. Her dad instigated all of us texting her. I think she got over a hundred texts in less than 5 minutes from us all. I guess that’s what you get for skipping out on the family party!

I made sure to take the camera to Joe’s family party because we knew there would be a special visitor. All three of my kids sat on Santa’s lap. I was surprised that Jay and Sophie did it. Sophie just wanted Santa’s bells. The funniest part was how Sai reacted. He was slapping his knee and shaking his head. I’m wondering if he had doubts about Santa. And when Santa left he was peeking out the window and reported that Santa drove away in a truck.

Sophie and Santa
Sophie and Santa

Jay and Santa
Jay and Santa

Sai and Santa
Sai and Santa

Kathy and Santa
Santa and me

Joe and Santa
Joe and Santa

Here are some other pictures from the weekend. We found that Sophie really likes Cheetos.


Sophie Loves Cheetos 1

Really, really likes Cheetos.

Sophie loves Cheetos 2

And cookies. She was sitting on my lap. I had eaten half of my cookie and was talking to someone and Sophie took advantage of my distraction and took my cookie.

Sophie stole Mom's cookie


That was a good cookie

Thank goodness for stain spray. I got all the orange and chocolate out without any problem!

(Look at her pink cheeks! She has them all the time. I can’t figure out what is causing it. She gets mad when I lotion her up. Any ideas??)


1 Response to “Partied Out”

  1. 1 nikko December 22, 2008 at 11:04 am

    What cute pictures! I love that you got pictures of you and Joe with Santa. Classic!

    Are the pink spots dry? My little guy has a bit of that, too, but it’s from a combo of the drooling and the dry, cold weather. It’s like they’re chapped. Hopefully it goes away soon!

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