2008 Year in Review

(Warning… lots of photos, few words.) I couldn’t pick just one photo a month to describe our last year. Here are some of my favorites.

Autobot Sai

Sai wearing shirt from Irene.

Autobot Jay

Look how young Jay looks!

crayon roll

Crayon rolls

quilt stands

Blanket tying


Stuck 3

Getting fabric stuck under my pressure foot. Still now sure how I did it.

sneak peek

Baby blanket for Serena’s baby. Serena’s husband stopped me a week or so ago at work and said that they love this blanket and use it a lot (yes, how funny that I move back to UT and now work for the same company as my friend’s husband).


Guitar Hero Jay


Guitar Hero Sai

Pencil Roll

Pencil roll


Seamstress Apron profile

Seamstress apron (pattern from Craft Apple) and pregnant me

picnic Sai and Jay

Sai and Jay picnicking

Baby Shower 4

Me at baby shower given by the wonderful Rhonda

Doll Quilt

Doll blanket (I don’t remember where that got packed. Probably somewhere in the storage unit. *sigh*)

Easter 2008 - Eggs 2

Sai coloring Easter eggs

Easter 2008 - The baskets

Easter baskets — I just loved this printables from starwars.com

Quilting 2

Hand quilting

Old Red Barn Quilt

Lucky win #1. Quilt from Dana at Old Red Barn Co.


36 Week Bump

36 weeks. I felt huge!

Baby Stuff

Baby stuff

finally spring-4

Eating on the deck

Boho Shoes 2

Baby shoes embroidered and put together by me. She’s actually worn them to church a few times.

Two Bumps-2

Joe and me comparing our bumps


Welcome Sophie!

truck full

A full truck!


Jay and Sophie

Jay and Sophie. Seems this was to set the tone for their love/hate relationship. Oh those two!

VW fab 1

Lucky win #2. Fat quarters from Valori Wells. I’ve made some blocks with them and that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

My Three Kids-morning

My three crazy kids!

Sophie Blessing 2

Sophie on her Blessing day. And our last Sunday in Oregon.

Sophie up close

Here’s a peaceful face from her.


Joe in scrubs

Joe decked out for school. (And welcome to Utah)

Jay is 3

Jay’s 3rd birthday


Sai is 6

Sai’s 6th birthday

Sophie & Monkey

Sophie losing hair. She looks like she has an old-man comb-over.

Sophie & Manny

Uncle Manny eating Sophie’s hand

Falls 7

Sai and Jay playing in the pool at Bridal Veil Falls.

Falls 10

Sophie and me at Bridal Veil Falls


I win again!

Lucky win #3. I won an iPhone 3G at my IT summer BBQ. I subsequently sold it to a guy I found on Craig’s List. Still no regrets.

Sai 1st Grade

Sai’s first day of first grade


Sophie on her tummy

Sophie growing up

Two purses

Purses. I still use the one on the left. But I’m ready for something new. And bigger!

Sophie eating cereal R

Mmmm… Rice cereal. I love Sophie’s eyes in this one.


Happy Sophie

Sorry, I’m just so in love with all my kids and it’s fun having a daughter!

Three kids 2

Just look at them!!!

Halloween preview


What I did today

Early voting


Rugby 3

I went with Joe to this rugby game. Quite fun, really.

Sophie Red

She looks like a redhead!


Sai frosting kiss

Mmm… frosting kiss

Sophie plays too - 2

Sophie wanted to play, too

Temple Square - 1

Temple Square

Another lucky strike

Lucky win #4. Blu-ray player and formula.

Jay and Santa

Jay and Santa

Sai and Santa

Sai and Santa

Sophie and Santa

Sophie and Santa


2008 was a crazy year for us. Sophie joined our family in April. That little girl has blessed our family so much. She’s sweet and cute and already fights with her brothers. We had decided that Joe would go back to school. Little did we know that layoff #3 would push us back to Utah for Joe’s schooling. We lived with my sister Tracy for a while. I got a job at my old company and Joe started school to become a surgical tech. We moved into our own place (yes, many backgrounds in the photos, if you noticed) and have settled into our groove.

And despite all the hardships we endured (not all of them made public here because I don’t want to sound like a complete whiner) I had a lucky year. Winning the quilt from Dana, the fat quarters from Valori, the iPhone and blue-ray from work.

I’m very thankful for a wonderful husband who puts up with me. And thankful for Sai who amazes me everyday by demonstrating just how smart he is. And thankful for Jay who is still a mama’s boy at heart. And thankful for Sophie who is a quintessential girl. And thankful to all of you for your love and support.


1 Response to “2008 Year in Review”

  1. 1 Jason January 9, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Looks and reads as though you had a pretty great year, albeit not without some hardships. Here’s hoping that 2008 is ALL good.

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