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We’re All About Teeth

Sophie’s first tooth popped through yesterday! She’s 9 months and 3 weeks old. My kids have all been late bloomers with teeth. I’ve heard a wives tale that says the older they are when they get teeth the stronger their teeth are. We’ll go with that.

This tooth thing explains why Sophie’s been a bit cranky. Hasn’t been sleeping well. Is drooly. Has a rashy red face. Poor girl.

Usually she won’t let me put my finger in her mouth to feel her gums. But last night she would let me. She even let her brothers feel her tooth. I think she was proud of herself. 😉

Sai’s Eventful Few Days

Sai had an eventful few days.

It started Saturday. Joe was helping the boys brush their teeth Saturday morning. Sai’s loose tooth would lay flat. Joe told him that they should just pull it. So Sai tried twice but couldn’t quite get it out. So Joe tried. Well, Joe said that the tooth basically just fell out. Sai was pretty excited.

Sai's missing tooth

Sai's first pulled tooth

I had to finish his tooth pillow Saturday so he could use it for the tooth fairy. Lucky kid got $1 from the tooth fairy. I remember just getting quarters. Guess inflation has hit the tooth fairy as well! 😉

This morning Sai went back to the dentist for his frenectomy. I think I was more nervous than him. First the assistants numbed his gums with some topical stuff. (Here he is letting that work and watching cartoons.)

Sai at the dentist

Then he got the numbing shot. He did pretty well. The assistants did it and they were distracting him by talking about the cartoon (which Sai was glued to). I saw his feet jerk a little so I know he was feeling it! (Here he is getting the shot.)

Sai getting a shot at the dentist

Then we waited for the dentist. While we were sitting there Sai was trying to tell me how his mouth felt because it felt weird. He said that it felt “solid”. Solid? I don’t know. His lip got big and huge, though.

About 10 minutes later the dentist came in and did the procedure. It took less than two minutes. It was so fast that I didn’t get a picture.

When we were done we went to the grocery store to buy him some Tylenol (we were out at home). Then I took him to the baby sitter’s house. I tried taking a picture but the lighting wasn’t good and all the pictures were taken with my phone so not the best quality. And his lip was pretty fat so it was hard to get it out of the way. His gums look red and like there is dried blood on it. I’m sure it will look better in a few days.

Sai post frenectomy

I told him that tonight we would go buy him a toy. He was a brave kid!

Sorry Sai…It’s Going to Hurt!

The boys and Joe went to the dentist for cleaning (all three cavity-free). The dentist said that Sai needs a frenectomy (removing the muscle that connects the gums to the lip, is thought to cause gaps in the front teeth). The dentist talked about how he has a laser and it will be quick and easy, no cutting and stitches. We made an appointment for Monday morning.

Then today I look it up. All the dental web sites make it sound all nice and easy. So I look it up on Youtube.




I’m not going to tell him the details. Let Sai go into this kind of clueless. Because it looks like it is going to hurt. For at least a week!! Maybe he won’t go to school that day. Or I’ll take him but have him call if he doesn’t feel well.

Poor kid.