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Sophie is 1!

Brand New Sophie

Here is my baby last year. This was taken right after she was born, if you couldn’t tell.

1 Year Old Sophie

And here she is today, one year later. I can’t believe that she is a year old already! Time sure has flown by.

Sophie is a big girl now. She walks. She has four teeth. She teases her brothers. She’s a big girly-girl. Her favorite words are “Oh” and “Dad” and “Jay”.  And she is well loved.


Why Snow?

It’s the second day of spring break here and we’ve got so much snow! Just yesterday, hours before the snow started, I was thinking how beautiful the trees are with their flowers and buds. Then all this snow! And it’s not light snow. It’s that heavy slushy stuff. I’ve seen many flowering trees with broken branches and trunks because of the heavy snow on them.

This is our front yard this morning.

Spring break snow

Joe called me around 6:20 this morning. He was on the way to his externship at the hospital and the slushy snow threw him into the curb which popped the tire. He said there is an 8 inch gash in it. We’re going to have to buy a few new tires now.

The kids are enjoying the spring break. Sai has spent the last two nights at Grandma M’s. Jay doesn’t do so well sleeping over so he has been home. Yesterday Grandma and Babysitter Felesha took the kids to get pictures taken with Cousin Jared. Then they went to the dinosaur museum. Spoiled kids! Felesha said Sophie was oohing and ahhing. I bet it was fun.

And speaking of Sophie… My baby is walking! It’s so fun to watch her. She makes long journeys. She’ll go out of a room, down the hallway and into another room. I’m impressed with her! Next Tuesday she’ll be one. Time is sure flying by!

Easter Weekend

It was Sophie’s first Easter. We had two family egg hunts planned on Saturday.

First up was Easter at my parents. Tons of kids and tons of people. And dead batteries in the camera. Nice. Sophie slept through the egg hunt (which was indoors because of the rain). Sai and Jay got good hauls, though. I have sneakily pilfered all banana Laffy Taffy candy from them.

We went from my parents straight to Joe’s parents. Sophie was awake and happy. She got three eggs. Here are the pictures I got of her on my phone. She wouldn’t hold still.

 Sophie and Easter eggs 1

Sophie and Easter eggs 2

She dropped an egg and it popped open. She got a hold of some chocolate and had a good time enjoying it. Then after eating rice at dinner she got a bath. Luckily I thought ahead and brought an extra outfit for her.

Grandma M got the kids Easter surprises too. They got t-shirts and shorts. Now if only we had good weather.

Spring break is this week starting Wednesday. I’ve got work and Joe’s got his externship. So no fun for us. I’m toying with taking Friday off since it’s going to be a ghost town here at work. Plus, I want to play too! The weather is supposed to be bad, though. Yuck.

I’m trying my hand at videos. I can’t get it to embed! Follow this link. It was taken a few weeks ago at the park.



There it is. The scooter I almost won. I came in 2nd. No prizes for second place. (On the poster you can see my name. This is when I was in 3rd place. I tried to disguise the names of my coworkers to save the innocent. 🙂 )

All day people say to me things like “OH! Second place.” No Hi Kathy, just second place. I was in the elevator with the guy who came in second last year. He was consoling me. Not that I’m sad. I’m actually quite pleased to be in second.

For the record, if I had won. I would have kept the scooter. But I don’t know that I would have driven it. I probably would scare myself too much on one of them. Joe was all set to take it over and drive it all over. In fact, before the competition he was commenting that we should buy one for him to drive.

He’s Too Smart for Me!

Sai 4/4/09

(Sai at CPK Saturday night. Jay took the picture–he’s my budding photographer.) 

Sai was on a roll with his comments to Joe and me over the weekend. I just have to share.

First, we went to the mall on Saturday afternoon. As we walk in we give Sai and Jay the pep talk to be good, etc. He had his moments where he was loud but mostly he was great. Really, he was just being a kid. So we are on the way home and Joe says something to him like “You were being kind of loud, man.” And Sai replies “I’m not a man, I’m a boy.”

Then as we are continuing our trip home he was talking about Easter and wanting an Easter basket. Then he says that he won’t get one because “We don’t have any money because you spend it all.” Ouch, boy! Yes I spend all the money, but on housing, utilities, food, etc.

Then, my favorite, Sunday Joe was changing Sophie’s diaper. Well, we’ve all been a bit sick in our house and poor Sophie has had some symptoms linger on. Joe was changing Sophie’s diaper in the front room and I hear all the guys complaining about how it stinks. Joe says to Sai “You’re poop stinks, too.” And Sai’s zinger back “Yeah. But I poop in the bathroom.”

He’s being very logical in what he says to us and it cracks me up. He’s only 6! He’s going to be a huge smart a** by the time he’s a teenager.

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Sorry for a lack of posting. We’ve been busy and sick. Plus, this yucky weather just doesn’t put me in the mood to post.