Easter Weekend

It was Sophie’s first Easter. We had two family egg hunts planned on Saturday.

First up was Easter at my parents. Tons of kids and tons of people. And dead batteries in the camera. Nice. Sophie slept through the egg hunt (which was indoors because of the rain). Sai and Jay got good hauls, though. I have sneakily pilfered all banana Laffy Taffy candy from them.

We went from my parents straight to Joe’s parents. Sophie was awake and happy. She got three eggs. Here are the pictures I got of her on my phone. She wouldn’t hold still.

 Sophie and Easter eggs 1

Sophie and Easter eggs 2

She dropped an egg and it popped open. She got a hold of some chocolate and had a good time enjoying it. Then after eating rice at dinner she got a bath. Luckily I thought ahead and brought an extra outfit for her.

Grandma M got the kids Easter surprises too. They got t-shirts and shorts. Now if only we had good weather.

Spring break is this week starting Wednesday. I’ve got work and Joe’s got his externship. So no fun for us. I’m toying with taking Friday off since it’s going to be a ghost town here at work. Plus, I want to play too! The weather is supposed to be bad, though. Yuck.

I’m trying my hand at videos. I can’t get it to embed! Follow this link. It was taken a few weeks ago at the park.


2 Responses to “Easter Weekend”

  1. 1 Mary April 14, 2009 at 3:39 am

    She is just too cute!
    Thanks! I sure think she is cute.

  2. 2 randi April 16, 2009 at 5:58 am

    It is so fun to watch babies discover new things. She is a doll!

    I love banana laffy taffy too! 🙂
    It is fun to watch her discover things. And banan laffy taffy is the best!

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