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Today Joe and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary. 13 years and three kids. WOW! I think we are going to take the kids (still just Jay and Sophie, Sai flys home tomorrow) out to dinner to celebrate.

Sai’s Big Adventure!

Sai left for California today. He is flying there right now with his Grandma M. I can’t believe we let him go! He has been bugging Joe and me about flying on an airplane for quite a while. He was really mad last year when we moved back to Utah because Jay, Sophie and I flew and he drove the U-Haul with Dad and Grandpa.

Sai leaving on a jet plane

When I dropped him off he was so excited! He was so ready to go that he almost forgot to give me a hug and a kiss good-bye. As I was driving home I got a call from him. They were on the airplane, not yet ready to leave. He said that he got to get a picture with the pilot.

I can’t wait until he calls me tonight to see what he has to say. The flight will probably go by in a blur for him—he’s got my iPod loaded with Star Wars the Clone Wars movie.

Sai will fly home on the 30th. One day before his 7th birthday. (I can’t believe he’ll be 7!!!)

Jay has been sad all week about Sai leaving. Last night when we put the boys to bed Jay was nearly in tears because he was already sad about his big brother leaving. So Joe and I told him we would take him to see the new Transformers movie. He’s so excited for that. So when we dropped off Sai, Jay was expecting us to go right to the movie. Saturday is just too far away for him!

It’s Been a Year

This week marked an anniversary for me. Tuesday was the one year mark for being a working mom again. It’s been a good year. I really enjoy my job and have fun so the year at work has been a quick year. I always tell Joe that my job is easy. (Shhh… don’t tell my boss I said that! 😉 Ha ha!)

My job is pretty cool. Joe says he can never tell people what it is. So I’ll try to explain it here. My title, according to my business cards, is Business Analyst IT Business Integration Supply Chain-PLM. Basically, I work in IT. I’m a business analyst working specifically with our PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) software. My boss and I take care of configuration changes, requirements for programming changes, testing programming changes, and cleaning up messes people make when they don’t follow process (we end up being the “process police”).

When I started this job the team was in the process of creating an interface between Optiva (the PLM software) and SAP. Wow! What a way to jump in and learn the system. I did all the testing and it was a really good way for me to learn the system.

One thing I really enjoy is that I’ve had to learn some SQL. It’s fun to be able to write queries and updates for the database. I’m surprised at how well I’ve come to know the databases and I like being able to tell someone which table a specific piece of data is stored in.

So that’s a little bit about my job. I really do love it and I work for an awesome company; they really treat their employees well.

Quick Update…

I was looking through my older posts and thought I’d send a quick update.

Joe’s knee: No surgery needed. YAY! The doc. said that it probably wasn’t a tear and that he’s lived with the broken piece of bone floating around this long so it’s probably OK. Yesterday Joe’s knee popped again and suddenly it is almost all better–no swelling, he can walk without a limp, YAY! And it’s a good thing because…

Joe started his job on Monday. He likes it. He’s so happy to be there working with all the people he got to know on his externship. Monday was spent in (boring) orientation. Yesterday he worked in Center Core. But today he gets to jump back into the OR. Nice. He’s on the Blue Team which means he does ortho, neuro, and eye surgeries.

Purse puddle: I threw the purse in the washing machine. That wasn’t part of the care instructions but I did it. Then I let it air dry. And it looks just fine now. However, I did buy a new purse. I found one at JC Penney that I liked and Joe was buying some pants and we ended up getting more money off because we were spending more than $50. And then I got a new wallet yesterday to complete it all.

It rained on and off the day of my team activity. We put the activity up to a vote and mini-golf lost out. We ended up going to lunch at Red Robin then going to the movies to see Star Trek. It was really fun.

Something new… We were trying to go as a family to California the last weekend of June for Joe’s grandma’s birthday. However, finances and Joe’s new job won’t allow it. But Joe’s mom asked if she could take Sai with her. So he gets to fly to Cali with grandma for a week. He’ll be so excited to fly. Especially since he didn’t get to fly with Jay, Sophie and me when we moved to Utah. I’m nervous, though. I know Joe’s mom will take extra special care of him. But he’ll be so far away and he probably won’t miss us. We had to get a letter notarized saying it’s OK for him to fly with his grandparent. Crazy all the rules and regs but it makes sense.

Mommie’s Girl

We were shopping on Saturday. Went to a shoe store. Joe needed new shoes. Sophie and I went to check out the clearance section. She’s just like her mom. She was attempting to try on shoes! Both Joe and Sophie walked away with new shoes. But Sophie’s, originally $35, only cost us $12.50. Way cute little brown and pink Skechers. She loves shoes. Just like her mom.

Sophie shoes

Sophie shoes 2

Jay’s 4th Birthday!

Jay, my second child, turned 4 on Saturday! I can’t believe how big he is getting!

Friday we went to the store and he selected a new bike and helmet. He picked a Spiderman bike and Ben 10 helmet and knee/elbow pads. He is so set! (He actually needs those elbow/knee pads for walking: he tripped earlier in the week and scraped up his knees and elbows pretty well.)

Jay b-day 1

Jay b-day 2

Saturday morning I took Jay to pick out his birthday cake. As soon as he saw the Spiderman cupcakes he wouldn’t even look at anything else. So funny!

We had planned a party in the park. However, the weather did not cooperate. We ended up doing cupcakes and presents at my parents (and I forgot the camera!).

I think Jay had an excellent birthday. Lots of presents and not all clothes!

Happy Graduation Joe!

Today Joe graduated from the Surgical Tech program at AmeriTech College! It’s been a lot of work for him and sacrifice for all of us. Lucky Joe got to speak at the graduation. He did an awesome job. Here are some pictures from the day. Enjoy!

Joe's Grad 12
Walking in the procession.


Joe's Grad 16
Joe giving his speech.


Joe's Grad 17
Joe right after he got his diploma.


Joe's Grad 6
Joe and the other students from his program that graduated.


Joe's Grad 10
Joe and his parents.


Joe's Grad 1
Our little family.