Possible Meniscus Tear with Proximal Tibial Fragment Fracture

That big long title (possible meniscus tear with proximal tibial fragment fracture) is what Joe has. Ugh!

A few days ago Joe was kneeling down and when he stood he had this *pop* in his knee. Over the next few days his knee swelled up and got really sore. He had an appointment to see his doctor this morning. But when I got home from work last night he was in a bad way… could hardly walk and in pain. So I sent him off to the InstaCare urgent care clinic.

The doc said that it sounded like a meniscus tear. They took x-rays. And the x-rays showed that the top front part of his tibia is broken off. The doc said that the edges were white indicating that it had been broken for a while and had tried to heal. (His knee has been bothering him for a few years. He’s even gone to the doctor about it before but they’ve never done x-rays, just given him a knee brace and sent him on his merry way.)

So Joe’s in a big old knee brace. He’s supposed to stay off his knee. And if he walks around he’s supposed to use crutches to keep the weight off his knee. I’m giving Joe a big old “F” right now for use of crutches. He’s been hobbling around without them. Tsk tsk.

Joe’s going to sports rehab next Tuesday to see if he can do rehab to make it better or if he’ll need surgery. The doc warned that with the fracture he’ll probably end up with surgery.


I don’t know how well surgery and a new job where he’s on his feet all day are going to mesh. I told him to wait to tell his new boss until after we know whether or not there’s going to be surgery involved.

And Joe is really bummed because a friend from Oregon is in town this week. The two of them planned to meet up on Monday to go fishing. How much fishing can a hobbling, crutch using guy do?


1 Response to “Possible Meniscus Tear with Proximal Tibial Fragment Fracture”

  1. 1 schiessfamily June 3, 2009 at 7:49 am

    Holy crap that’s CRAZY! I hope it heels easily and fast too!

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