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What a Weekend

The boys had their first soccer games of the season on Saturday. Luckily it was overcast until the end of Sai’s game. Unfortunately, though, it was also very humid!

Jay’s game was first. We weren’t quite sure if Jay was going to play with his team but he did. I was so proud of him for doing it. His age group is the one where everyone follows the ball and there are a mass of kids and falling. It’s pretty fun to watch. Jay had a few good touches. But he kept looking over at us looking for reassurance. We’d give him thumbs up and he’d go on his way.

Soccer.03 038 040

Sai’s game was second. There were quite a few kids missing because of the state holiday. But they still had a good game.

043 049

Even though they technically don’t keep score both of their teams won.

It was also an eventful weekend because Sai lost two more teeth. He’s up to six lost now, four on bottom and two on top.

Sai's toothless smile

Sai has quite the lisp now. It’s funny to hear him talk. I’m afraid he’s got the gappy teeth from my genes. Poor kids. I see braces in the future.

And to top everything off I’ve got strep. I started not feeling good Thursday. I went home from work early and crashed. I didn’t go to work Friday. I some how made it through two hot soccer games on Saturday then slept the afternoon away. This morning it was much worse. I went off to the InstaCare and found out I have strep. I’ll get one more day off work while I’m still contagious and pray that the kids and Joe don’t get sick too!

Oh Prineville!

I had to post this. My dear friend Rhonda took this picture in the little Oregon town I used to live in. Rhonda’s comment:

See what you’re missing!  🙂
Only in Prineville!

Prineville Starbucks

Independence Weekend

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend. Both Joe and I had Friday off so it was a nice three-day weekend.

We started off with a hike to Stewart Falls on Friday. We have this book of fun family things to do in Utah and it said all this stuff about the hike being kid-friendly. Ha. Ha. Ha. It was an exhausting hike! Sai did the whole thing by himself — very impressive! Jay made it there but refused to walk back so Joe and I took turns carrying him. Sophie got to ride in the back pack the whole way even catching some Zs. At least it was a little overcast and not blazing hot the whole time. But my legs three days later are still sore!

Joe and the kids.

The boys and me. Yes, we look so happy and excited.

Sophie would not keep her head under her shade. Even when she fell asleep she kept her head out.

Sai in front of the big fall. We were so tired we didn’t walk down to the bottom of the falls to feel the cool water. We didn’t want to have to walk back up that much more!

On the 4th both of our families had parties. But we decided to only go to one. So we went to Joe’s family’s festivities. We had food, kids played, and watched fireworks.


Sai going down the double slip and slide while Jay runs back up the hill. They LOVED it!

The kids in the pool.

Sai doing sparklers.

Jay doing sparklers.


Happy Birthday Sai!

Yesterday was Sai’s 7th birthday. Happy Birthday Sai! I really cannot believe that he is 7-years-old. It has gone by very quickly. He has grown from a tiny little 7 lb baby to this big skinny kid!

He got back from California the day before his birthday. I was excited to pick him up from the airport. When he saw Jay, Sophie and me he came running. I got a great big hug from him. Here are some pictures from his trip.

Sai in Cali 03
In the pilot’s seat. I didn’t think that in a post-9/11 world they’d ever let kids do this. I’m glad he got the chance, though.

Sai in Cali 05
He got to go swimming. Look at the ribs on this kid! I feed him… a lot… but it doesn’t show.

Sai in Cali 07
He went to the San Diego Zoo with some cousins.

Sai in Cali 06
I was told that he wore these goggles EVERYWHERE! It makes me think of “Special K” from one of my favorite teen movies, Can’t Hardly Wait. (They’re even yellow goggles. Check out this picture.)

Sai in Cali 14
The purpose of this trip was to go to Sai’s Great Grandma Booth’s 80th birthday party. Here is Sai with his great grandparents. He is their oldest great grand child.

Sai in Cali 20
Sai with his Aunt Felicia.

Sai in Cali 09
Sai with Uncle Manny and Aunt Elyssa.

He had so much fun in California. I was told that he didn’t want to come home. But the last time I talked to him while he was gone he said that he missed me. Ahhh…:)

And now he is sick! Fever. Tiny bit of cough. Many people that he travelled with are sick too. Grr… It’s a little frustrating. I hope he gets feeling better soon.