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Dinosaur Adventures

038 Here’s Sai, Jay and Sophie enjoying our adventure!

Saturday we had a dinosaur-themed adventure. Joe has a friend from work, Jesse, who lives in Price. We drove out there and spent the day with Jesse and his family. Jesse took us to see some cool stuff and the boys were totally stoked!

First we drove out to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. There are a lot of Jurassic-era dinosaurs—mostly carnivorous ones, too.

011 Sophie checking out the exhibits.

014 015

Jay and his not-so-happy face.

018 Sai checking out the dinosaur dig.

019 Boys checking out rocks. Sophie even got in on the rock collecting action. Surprisingly, no rocks came home with us.

Then we drove out to the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. These pictures are pretty amazing!

025 028

On our way back from the pictographs we stopped to find a fossilized dinosaur track. Sai was the first to find it and he was so excited!

043 Sai and the track. 041 My hand in the track. It was pretty big!

Our final stop was The Wedge. It’s the “Little Grand Canyon”. I was super nervous and not wanting the kids to get anywhere near the edge!


It was a fun and dusty day. You can see all of the pictures here.

I Know… I’m Not Keeping Up

I haven’t been doing a good job of posting. I feel like there really isn’t that much going on around here!

Saturday Joe took the boys to the movies so Sophie and I could go sewing. I forgot my camera. But my sister Carrie documented some of our day. Sophie was a crack up! She kept taking my pieces and giving them to her aunts. I wanted to sew them together randomly and I sure did since she kept taking off with them. I’m making a quilt for Sophie’s bed. I’m using some cool fabric but I don’t know the name of the line. (I’m sure my sisters could tell you!) When, not if but when, I get it done I’ll take some pictures.