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I took an early lunch to pick up the keys to the new place and take a quick look around.


I kept having nightmares that when we went to move in the former tenants were there or that we would go to get our keys and they had rented it out to someone else. But no, it’s all good.

Tonight we will do a good walk-through and document any damage such as the chip in the bath tub and the shower door that catches. Luckily it looks pretty clean so I’m not going to freak out and have to clean it all before moving in. And then we take our first load over.

I am sick of living in a maze of boxes and stuff in general all over the place. I’ve slowly been cleaning things like the fridge, stove, oven, etc. so it won’t be such an ordeal when we are out of the apartment.

Friday is the big moving day. I’m hoping we can mostly get it all done. So if you have time on Friday give us a call! I’m sure we can use some muscles since I’m such a wimp and can’t really help with the couch.

My drive to work is going to be 2.5 miles which will take maybe five minutes. The kids new school for next year will only be a half mile away and it’s on my way to work so that’s awesome for me.

And yes, I think there is a perfect spot in the basement for a sewing corner! YAY!!

Leaving the Ghetto

We live in a pretty tame town. However, I’d say the area of town we are living in is kind of ghetto.

Case in point: Last Thursday, as I was watching Project Runway, Joe asks me to mute the TV. I do. And we hear all this screaming and yelling. YIKES! At first we thought it was neighbor we share walls with. Joe put on his shoes and coat and went out to investigate. Many minutes later he came back and told me that a guy from two buildings down pulled a knife—KNIFE!!!—on neighbor one building down and knife guy chased other guy into apartment. Mom of attackee freaked out screaming when knife guy ran into her home. Cops were called, ambulance called. Cops looking for knife-wielding guy, EMTs checking out attackee’s mom. I feel so safe (please read with sarcasm).

Plus apartment living is not ideal. It’s been challenging to live on the side of the mountain with a steep driveway in the slick snow. And I hate having neighbors above us and next to us. Do you need to do laundry at 10 PM? Can your kids not stare in our windows as we hang out in our living room or eat dinner in our kitchen? I could go on and on, but I won’t; I’m sure we’re not ideal neighbors, either.

So Joe and I have been looking for a new place to live. Some requirements: 3 bedrooms, more than one bathroom, a house, better neighborhood, and a yard for kids to play in. We’ve been picky. And astounded at some of the places we’ve looked at.

One place, duplex, high rent, totally ghetto neighborhood. Cigarette butts all over the yard and side walk. SCARY! The landlord seemed really interested in us but we weren’t interested in his place.

Finally, last Friday I found one and thought “this is it!” We made arrangements to view it Friday night and we really liked the place. Saturday morning I rushed to fax our application in (it’s a rental through a property management company). Tuesday we got the good news that they picked us to rent it. We rushed in and signed a contract. So we’re moving on the 26th. YAY! We’re so excited.

This house seems really nice: 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, separate laundry room, two car garage, unfinished basement (good-bye storage unit), and central air. I’m so excited!

I’m happy that I will soon be able to lock the door when I shower. Currently I have to leave it unlocked in case someone needs to use the toilet. Luckily the boys know not to peek in the curtain. And it’s weird to be chatting with them while they are sitting on the toilet and I’m washing my hair.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to carve out a corner of the basement to set up a little sewing area for me. I know that if I had my sewing machine set up all the time I would make a lot more time to use it. And I will be so happy to relieve my stress by making things. Maybe I’ll finally finish Sophie’s blanket for her bed and start on some for the boys.

The house is super close to Joe’s work. He says that he’s going to start riding his bike to/from work to get some exercise.

And since it’s not on the side of the mountain (like current apartment) we can go for walks and bike rides in the neighborhood. And we’re right by the river parkway trail so we can walk and ride bikes on the trail. Maybe even follow the trail to my parents house. EXCITING!

I rushed out to Target to buy some things for the new place. Towels, hand towels and washcloths for the master bath. Some awesome monster shower curtain and accessories for the kids’ bath. Some other random stuff.

So good-bye ghetto apartment on the side of the mountain. You’ve been good for us but we’ve out grown you.

And I’ve had this stuck in my head while writing this post. Oh Cartman.

I <3 Glee

I bought the first season of Glee on DVD and have been enjoying it. I’ve bought both albums off iTunes and have been rocking to it in the car and at work.

And then I found this today. LOVE IT!


I’m on the look out for new music. This one was sent to me by my boss Brian. I like it! I think I’ll be heading over to iTunes to buy it.

“Cuz if you think you need a shrink, well I’m out of time. And if you think you need a fix, I’m not the fixing kind. But if you think you need some lovin, that’s fine.”

Note: Love their cover of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Buying that one. Especially since Sophie sings that to me when I ask her to sing.

Hello Out There

Yes, I know it’s been a LONG while.

My sister Tracy gave me a writing assignment so I would update my blog. I have forgotten what the assignment was—she gave it to me two weeks ago. So I’m just going to ramble on about things making me happy right now.

Like spending time with the family having fun. Saturday we went bowling. We all did very well. I broke 100 for the first time in many years—even with Sophie’s help. And I almost beat Joe, but he pulled out some spares and strikes in the end.

Three guys bowling

Hanging out at the alley

Check out Sophie’s pigtails (above). She’s a kid now, so not a baby. But I like doing her hair and making her look cute.

Sai at the alley

Sai (above). He’s starting to look more and more like a big kid. A few days ago we had this conversation…

Sai: Do I look like a teenager?

Me: Do you want to look like a teenager?

Sai: Yes!

*sigh* He’s 7 1/2.

Jay at the alley

And here’s Jay. He’s turning into a bigger kid too. Preschool has been such a good thing for him.

Something else that makes me happy is Lego. Ha ha! Sai made Joe promise that they would build a Lego house after school today (It’s Joe’s day off). So I came home to this.

Lego houses

Joe bought a new Lego set for Sai. And a smaller Star Wars one for Jay.

Kai Lan

And a Kai-Lan doll for Sophie. She loves to watch “e-ha la-la” (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan).

Sophie's Kai Lan face

And here us Sophie with her Kai-Lan face. I say she has Filipino eyes like Grandpa M and Joe says she has gappy teeth like Grandpa O.

I got a new phone and it makes me very, very happy. Although, I am still learning how to use it.

Phone and iPod

I love the bright pink case. And I love my iPod. When I listen to it at work, driving around, in the kitchen… And when I’m having a bad day I listen to The Hangover on it. I don’t even have to see the picture to sit and laugh at all the non-PC, offensive and wrong things they say. (What does that say about me???)

And I love that the weather is warm some days and the kids can go out and play. It was pretty nice today but rain and snow is supposed to be on it’s way tomorrow.

Jay and Sophie playing

And I love kid art on the fridge.

Sai's art

Jay's Art

I hope you all are able to be surrounded by things you love and make you happy!



(Yes, I even like this picture of me!)